What's new in FLO

9 June 2022

Note: This feature is in beta and is not supported. Do not use it for teaching.

Collaborate is in the process of introducing a new video and audio service that will underpin Collaborate, called Amazon Chime. This will provide faster and better audio and video, but will not change the interface or usability of Collaborate.

Chime is currently in beta, but it is available now for anyone who wishes to take a look. If you wish to try it, please be aware that the following features are not yet available:

  • Polling
  • Breakout groups
  • Session Engagement Insights
  • Joining the session by phone dial-in
  • The pointer does not appear in recordings
  • Large scale sessions (more than 250 attendees)
  • Accessibility requirements (including captioning)

For more information, visit the Collaborate's information page

8 June 2022
Moodle has been updated with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The changes were mostly related to behind-the-scenes issues so you shouldn't notice any changes. 
13 May 2022
An emergency release has been made to fix issues with Coderunner that appeared in our last update.
12 May 2022
  • A picture of the sharing options that allow students to download a file. Moodle has been updated with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The changes were mostly related to behind-the-scenes issues so you shouldn't notice any changes.
  • In Collaborate, students can now download shared files, or annotations made using the whiteboard. Files shared using the Share Application/Screen feature can not be downloaded.
21 April 2022

Engagement insights are now available inside Collaborate sessions. These insights make help you assess what has the biggest impact on making a session participative.

In the first version of this tool, Moderators can see the number of hands raised and the number of messages sent.

14 April 2022
A screenshot of the features. The new features are highlighted with a light blue border.In Collaborate, the recordings tab now shows how many students have streamed or downloaded each recording.

13 April 2022
  • Moodle has been updated with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The changes were mostly related to behind-the-scenes issues.
  • Dialogue tool: the issue preventing anyone from downloading attachments has been fixed.
22 March 2022
  • Moodle has been updated with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The changes were mostly related to behind-the-scenes issues so you shouldn't notice any changes.
  • Accessibility and formatting improvements were made to improve usability.
10 March 2022
Improvements have been made to the scheduling of Collaborate sessions in webinar mode (those with over 250 attendees)
  • End dates are no longer required
  • Recurring bookings can be made for sessions using webinar mode
21 February 2022

As more than half of University topics are now using the starter site, lecture recordings will now start publishing in locations that align with the starter site template. Week 1 videos will appear in module 4, week 2 videos will appear in module 5, and so on.

For those not using the starter site, your lectures will now appear in the wrong location and you will need to move them to their correct week. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes, but this option causes the least inconvenience across the university.

16 February 2022

Minor changes have been made to Moodle

  • Accessibility improvements
  • The line between activities has been removed, as it was too similar used to the headings in the starter site.
  • Moodle has been updated with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The changes were mostly related to behind-the-scenes issues so you shouldn't notice any changes.

Mahara has been upgraded to version 21.10. It contains bug fixes, minor changes and accessibility improvements that do not substantially affect Mahara’s usage.

10 February 2022

New features have been added to Kaltura (My Media).

  • Create interactive video quizzes, with grades that can feed back to the gradebook.
  • Add hotspots to videos, where you can add comments and links to other resources
  • Record videos inside your browser using the Express Capture mode. This is an additional way of recording video; the Desktop recorder and Camtasia remain available

New activities and resources have been added to FLO

  • Add the results of interactive videos to gradebook using the Kaltura video quiz activity
  • Display a video as a standalone resource using the Video resource

FLO-specific resources aren’t ready yet, but external resources are available:

19-20 January 2022
Moodle has been updated overnight:
  • A new quiz question type has been added - the All or nothing question. It is similar to a multiple-choice question with more than one correct answer, except students must choose answers that correspond exactly with the correct answers defined in the question to receive a mark. Partial marks are not awarded.
  • The bug accessing the single view in the gradebook has been fixed
  • Behind-the-scenes bug fixes and performance improvements.
No downtime is expected.
13 December 2021

Moodle will be upgraded from version 3.9 to 3.11, and will gain the following features:

Activity dates
Activity completion
  • Activity completion information will now appear underneath an activity, instead of to the right of it.
  • Quizzes can be marked as completed based on the number of attempts made (e.g. if you want students to complete a quiz multiple times over a semester to demonstrate learning)
  • The progress bar will colour incomplete tasks differently if students can mark them as manually completed.
  • Content can be unlisted, to prevent others from seeing it
  • Download and replace files in the content bank
  • The content bank will now show you how often your content is used
  • The quiz timer will remain at the top of the page if you scroll down, meaning students always know how much time they have left.
  • Essay questions can have word limits applied or file size upload limits

To accommodate these changes, FLO will be unavailable between 6 pm Monday December 13 and 9 am Tuesday 14 December.

4 November 2021

Access to topics will now end 450 days after teaching finishes (it's currently 365 days). This is part of a larger project to extend access to topics for a longer timeframe.

This will first affect topics taught in the second half of 2020, and there will be a small number of non-semester topics where access has recently expired but will be reinstated for a limited period of time.

4 November 2021
Mahara has been updated to fix a bug preventing some students from submitting collections as an assignment.
20 October 2021
The Topic links block has been updated:
  • Added a link to the student timetable
  • Removed the VPN link shown to topic coordinators as it is no longer required
  • Made changes behind the scenes to the Topic info link so we can switch to the new handbook page when it goes live
14 October 2021
A menu showing the different playback speeds - 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x & 2x.When watching a Collaborate recording you can now choose the playback speed.

30 September 2021
Mahara has been upgraded to version 21.04.
  • Deleting a collection now deletes all of the pages within that collection (previously you had to delete each page in the collection individually)
  • You can now remove yourself from a collection that has been shared with you. The person who has shared the portfolio will be notified, and you are given the opportunity to write a message for that person letting them know why.
  • When you remove someone's access to a portfolio you've created, that person will be notified. You are given the opportunity to write a message for that person letting them know why
  • You can now choose which portfolios appear in the Latest changes I can view block.
22 September 2021
  • Moodle has been updated with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The changes were mostly related to behind-the-scenes issues so you shouldn't notice any changes.
9 September 2021
  • Improvements have been made to the extension request tool
    • A new calendar picker has been added to more easily select dates
    • The tool now separates requests less than 3 days and requests over 3 days
    • Requests less than three days can now be approved in bulk


19 July 2019
  • Lecture recordings now include a download link making it easier for students to download their recordings
  • Updated the Mahara ePortfolio software to the latest version (19.04).  You won’t notice many visual changes the changes made were mostly bug fixes and backend improvements 
  • Updated the Media Platform in FLO (Kaltura Plugin) to version 4.1.5.  You won’t notice many visual changes the changes made were mostly bug fixes and backend improvements
  • Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
14 June 2019
  • Fixed issue with Database tool displaying incorrent entries on main topic page
  • Updated the Assignment tool to the latest version which includes ability for students to record their own attendance using  QR code
  • Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
17 May 2019
  • Fixed issue in PDF editor not displaying quick list comments
  • Fixed issue with importing and exporting questions into a question bank
  • Drag & Drop question marker images fix
  • Downloading video assignments now puts in a usable link
  • Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
29 March 2019
  • Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
20 February 2019
  • Applied theme changes to FLO's including making it easier to find help and support links in both the bottom of the page and in the 'Help & Support' menu
  • Fixed an issue with downloading participants list
  • Fixed an issue with resubmission of assignments
  • Update: Mahara updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
  • Update: Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
 19 December 2018
  Major upgrade to Moodle 3.5 including:
  • Enrol users and participants pages now merged into one screen
  • FLO has streamlined the ways of communicating with students. Students now have more control over the way they are contacted.
  • Badges now can be awarded based on other badges received
  • Tagging functionality is now available in both Quiz and Database activities
  • You are now able to preview a choice activity before you release it (just like a quiz)
  • You are now able to manually override a students activity completion
  • Easier calendar management- events now appear in a popup window and the ability to drag and drop calendar events has been added
 17 October 2018
  •  Update: Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
 26 September 2018
  • Update: Mahara updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
 24 August 2018
  • Update: Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
 13 July 2018
  • We've added a new textbook ordering link to the Topic Links block. This is only visible to Topic Coordinators.
  • Update: Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
  • Update: Mahara updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
6 June 2018
  • Turnitin Drafts: Addressed an issue that prevented the updated user agreement and Submit Paper button appearing for some students
  • Outline report: Fixed an issue with grade visibility
  • Update: Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
18 May 2018
  • Assignments: Fixed an issue with the Annotate PDF popup not always working correctly
  • Turnitin Drafts: Addressed a user interface glitch in the submission process
  • Turnitin Drafts: Prevented a grade item being created in topic gradebooks
  • My Topics: Fixed duplicate assignments being shown to students in some circumstances
  • Enhanced Self and Peer Assessment: Fixed the accumulation algorithm setting changing after the activity is duplicated or restored from backup
  • Atto Editor: We’ve cleaned up some of the buttons in the default rich text editor to make uploading videos easier
  • Update: Moodle updated with latest patches (behind the scenes)
13 April 2018
  • Mahara updated to version 17.10
 7 March 2018
  • Bug: Fixed LDAP an sync issue which was preventing user information from updating in FLO
 16 February 2018
The February release has addressed the following issues and improvements:
  • Bug: Glossary search was not returning search results
  • Feature: Assignment online annotation now supports many new file formats
  • Feature: Added playback speed controls for Lecture videos
  • Feature: VTT caption format support for Lecture videos
  • Update: Moodle updated with latest patches
  • Update: Mahara updated with latest patches
 25 January 2018
Post-upgrade release has fixed the following issues:
  • Bug: Import question bank link was not displaying correctly
  • Bug: Recycle Bin would not reinstate student submissions when an assignment activity was restored
  • Bug: Youtube videos were not displaying correctly in some circumstances
 15 December 2017
 Major upgrade to Moodle 3.3 including:
  • Redesigned Messages and Alerts interfaces
  • New 'Remind me to grade by' alerts for assignment markers
  • Improvements to online assignment annotations
  • Bulk edit Activity Completion settings across your topic
  • Rubrics can now use negative scores
  • Teachers can now select Choice answers on behalf of their students
  • Choice activity open and close dates can now be set separately
  • Choice deadline now displays in the Calendar
  • Export Workshop participation to your Mahara ePortfolio
  • Discussion forums can be locked after a period of inactivity
  • Improvements to Quiz and Question Bank interface
  • Allow multiple answers in cloze multichoice question type
  • Database activity now supports 'requires entries' as an activity completion condition
  • Database start and end dates now display in the Calendar
  • Lesson pages can now be duplicated
  • Grades link moved from Administration to Navigation menu
  • Stealth Activities replaces orphaned modules. New option for hidden activities/resources to 'Make available'.
6 October 2017
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Import Question Bank link from displaying for some users
  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Collaborate updated to version 17.10. Full details can be found in the release notes
3 August 2017
  • Bug: Fixed uploading marked assignments when the zip file contains a folder
  • Bug: Fixed an issue preventing saving of csv grading worksheets that had been downloaded from FLO
  • Bug: Fixed toggle of grade visibility from the assignment overview screen
  • Bug: Fixed an issue that could cause metagroups to disappear or become empty
  • Bug: Fixed an issue causing Turnitin submissions with invalid file types to become stuck in the queue
  • Bug: Fixed an issue causing Turnitin submissions to become stuck in the queue if the assignment is deleted
  • Bug: Future dated log entries will no longer appear in FLO reports
  • Bug: Updated SET urls in Topic Links blocks
  • Feature: Removed blue Missing file / 404 alerts
  • Feature: Updated Coderunner to version 2017052600
21 April 2017
  • Feature: Collaborate fixed date formats, now showing in Australian format 
  • Feature: FLO announcements / Site news has been added to the right side of the My Topics screen
  • Bug fix: Modified several links in the topic links block to point to their updated urls
  • Bug fix: Changed the default separator for uploading grading worksheets from "tab" to "comma"  
    Update: Fixed in August 2017: Please note: during testing, we noticed that in some circumstances, Excel will save worksheets as .txt instead of .csv (Excel 2013 and Excel 2010). Trying to upload the resulting worksheets to FLO will fail with an error. The workaround is to 'Save As' and choose 'CSV' as the file format. A fix for this will be included in the next update.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an icon formatting issue in students' assignment submission confirmation emails
  • Bug fix: Assignments with user override dates now show the correct time remaining/overdue status in the assignment table
  • Bug fix:  Suspended users are now excluded from groupsyncs (so students will no longer appear in student2 groups for topics they are not actively enrolled in)
  • Bug fix: When uploading marked assignments as a zip, only modified files will be returned to students (this reinstates a Flinders customisation we lost during the upgrade)
4 March 2017
  • Feature: New user preference to toggle whether forum posts are automatically marked as read when received by email
  • Feature: Assignment grade visibility can now be toggled from the assignment overview screen
  • Bug fix: Assignment metalabels now display overridden due dates correctly
  • Improvement: In a previous update, we changed the default group mode of new assignments to visible groups. In this update, we brought existing assignments in line with the change by updating any without a group mode set to "Visible groups"
  • Improvement: Participants page - "Display active users" filter now remembers what you selected when applying other filters
  • Improvement: Lecture code updated to support streaming over https
  • Improvement: Links in the Topic Info block to SETs and Past Evaluations have been updated to their new URLs
  • Improvement:  Collaborate added via Subtopic tool (will be removing the activity in the July release)
27 January 2017
  • Bug fix:  Changed forum digest emails to process in HTML (rather than plain text)
  • Bug fix: Re-introduced a customisation to the Turnitin integration to display 'Pending' while an originality report is being generated (this didn't make it in the upgrade)
  • Bug fix:  Removed some future dated log entries created through a rollover where the topic start date was increased during rollover
  • Bug fix: Increased session timeout to 4 hours
  • Feature:  USQ Flexi course format - a new course format that allows a combination of weeks and modules (including Assessment and Getting started modules)
  • Feature:  Assignment group / user overrides - ability to provide overridden start, due and cut-off date for individual students / groups. This is accessible from the Assignment Administration section (there are a few fixes coming in February for the labels on the topic homepage to ensure overridden dates are displayed here
  • Feature:  Blackboard Collaborate enabled in FLO
  • Feature: Updated the My FLO course overview block - this now displays a tab for topics that have been favourited in the My topics dropdown screen (favourite a topic by clicking the star on the top right hand corner of the topic) and will also load the course overview information asynchronously to speed up the loading of My FLO

16 December 2016 Major upgrade to Moodle 3.1 including:
  • Feature: Redesigned assignment grading interface - online annotations, grading, rubrics and feedback are now all available within one screen
  • Improvement: Improved the reliability of assignment submissions generating a text-matching originality report 
  • Feature: Redesigned the My Topics menu on all pages in FLO to provide additional detail to students. The My Topics screen will now display upcoming deadlines and recent messages as well as all enrolled topics. Topics can be 'favourited' and these topics will appears first in a students list
  • Feature: Introduced a 'Recycle bin' tool that allows any recently deleted activities or resources to be restored into the topic. This is access from the Topic Administration menu. Deleted activities and resources will remain in the Recycle bin for 28 days
  • Feature: Folder resources can now be downloaded in a zip package (to allow the entire contents of a folder resource to be download with one click)
  • Improvement: With editing turned on, a topic module name can now be edited quickly
  • Improvement: A forum post can now be 'pinned' to the top of the list of discussions for easy reference
  • New Feature: The Moodle mobile app has been updated to allow for 'push' notifications to be sent to a mobile device. This allows mobile notifications for forum posts, assignment due dates etc.
 12 October 2016
  • Feature: Enabled integration with Flinders ePortfolio tool
  • Note: If you are interested in finding out more about Flinders ePortfolio tool, please speak to your local eLearning team
  • Improvement: The group filter option will now default to being visible for all newly created assignments. It is recommended that a grouping is applied to the assignment to ensure only relevant groups are displayed in the group filtering options
  • Feature: Additional editing tools have been added to the Atto editor. This allow responsive grids and pre-defined styles to be easily inserted
  • Configuration: Changed the default gradebook aggregation type to 'Weighted Mean of Grades' from 'Natural weighting'
  • Bug fix: Fixed several bugs with the Active Quiz plugin that is currently being trialled
17 September 2016
  • Feature: Enabled Single Sign On through Okta
9 July 2016
  • Feature: Installed the Active Quiz plugin for trial in 2016. Active Quiz is designed to conduct a realtime quiz where all students are shown a student at the same time and results can be graphically displayed. Please contact your local eLearning Support team for more information
  • Security: Switched FLO from using HTTPS for login only to HTTPS everywhere. All embedded content should be embedded using HTTPS to ensure FLO sites continue to display correctly
  • Improvement: Staff are now able to duplicate activities within a FLO site (with editing turned on, select 'Duplicate' from the 'Actions' dropdown menu on the topic homepage)
  • Bug fix: Assignment grades are now correctly made visible if an assignment is made visible from the topic homepage
4 June 2016
  • Feature: Enabled better integration between the Moodle Mobile App and FLO. Users are now able to access a larger range of content offline, contribute to forums, submit assignments and attempt quizzes through the mobile app
  • Feature: Installed Kaltura video platform integration into FLO - for pilot in late 2016
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue with the duplication of quizzes with duplicate questions
  • Performance: Improved performance in gradebook calculation processing and improved page load times across FLO
17 March 2016
  • Feature: Added link to Topic Demographic Dashboard within the Topic Links block for Topic Coordinators
  • Improvement: Updated Attendance tool
  • Feature: Added ability to send multiple students an email from the assignment submission table. To send an email to multiple students, within the assignment submission table use the checkbox to select the relevant students and then choose 'Send an email' from the 'With selected' dropdown list. All students will be added to the BCC field of the email
  • Improvement: Headings now correctly reflect their appearance within the HTML editor
19 February 2016
  • Feature: Added ability to delete multiple groupings at once
  • Feature: Added ability to export student group membership in grade exports
  • Bug fix: Locked assignment attempts will automatically reopen for students if another attempt is granted on the assignment
  • Improvement: Timed posts are now displayed correctly within the forum post overview on the My FLO page
  • Improvement: Expanded table editing tools within the HTML editor in FLO and apply default table styling
22 January 2016
  • Bug fix:  Reduced the number of errors generated from Turnitin when submitting an assignment
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that prevented file extensions with a capital from being recognised by 'restrict file type' options
  • Feature: Installed Coderunner quiz question type to allow various languages of computer code to be compile and instant feedback provided


FLO underwent a major upgrade on 18th December 2015. Some highlights of this upgrade include:

  • A new 'Grader report' within the gradebook. The user interface for viewing and editing the grades for an entire class is greatly improved;
  • A new 'Single grade' view within the gradebook to view all grades for a particular student or activity
  • A simplified Gradebook setup process
  • Improvements to quiz editing tools (including drag and drop question ordering)
  • Increased granularity on forum subscriptions
  • Usability improvements to 'Timed forum posts'

19 December 2015 Major upgrade to Moodle 2.9 including:
  • A new 'Grader report' within the gradebook. The user interface for viewing and editing the grades for an entire class is greatly improved;
  • A new 'Single grade' view within the gradebook to view all grades for a particular student or activity
  • A simplified Gradebook setup process
  • Improvements to quiz editing tools (including drag and drop question ordering)
  • Increased granularity on forum subscriptions
  • Usability improvements to 'Timed forum posts'
  • Update Turnitin draft activity and assignment integration
  • Enabled Turnitin on all newly created assignments - Visit the Academic Integrity for Site FLO site for more information
  • Updated the look and feel of FLO by:
    • Defaulting FLO to a 2-column layout, providing more space for topic content
    • Converting the Administration and Navigation blocks into dropdown menus
    • Adding additional information onto the topic homepage for assessable items (e.g. assignments will show due date and number of submissions for staff or the current submission status for students) 
10 July 2015
  • Prevented students within a blind marked assignment from displaying in recent activity block
  • Added a new 'File types for text matching' restrict file type option in assignment to prevent students from uploading files that cannot have an originality report generated
  • Lesson bugfixes
  • Added provisions for semi-automated topic rollover (to be trialled in 2016)
10 July 2015
20 February 2015
  • new topic based Blog tool
  • better integration of Academic Integrity and Library quizzes - speak to your eLearning team about including Academic Integrity of Library Search Smart results in your gradebook
  • Introduced a report to edit all dates within a topic on one page (Available through Topic Administration > Reports > Dates)
  • A group containing the participants within each meta-linked topic is now created and automatically updated in Shared topics
  • The group manager has been improved to identify groups that have been created automatically (and cannot be altered) vs. groups that have been manually created and new methods to monitor your groups and groupings
23 January 2015
  • My Topics list organised into tabs
  • more options within groups and groupings
  • ability to make forums read-only before and after specified dates
  • easily upload documents from Microsoft OneDrive accounts


19 December 2014
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