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  • General


    The eLearning Gateway supports Flinders University staff to use educational technology for teaching and learning, including using FLO (Flinders Learning Online) and designing for online. 

  • Design for online

    When designed effectively, eLearning is recognised for its potential to enhance learning and to increase student accessibility to higher education.

    What do you need to think about when designing for online? Whether you are creating a new fully online course or topics, converting face to face teaching to online, or developing activities for blended learning, these practical and provocative resources will step you through key design considerations for learning online.

    For more information, or to inquire about support for the design process, contact the eLearning Design Service in the Centre for Educational ICT.

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  • Tools for activities

    It’s not about the tools, it’s using the tools to facilitate learning.

    Churches, Andrew, Bloom's digital taxonomy, educational origami wiki

    Want to try out a new technology or renew your use of an old one? What process supports new approaches/ideas? What activity, what tool and how to set up? Use the Tools for activities glossaries to find what you want.

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  • Peer practice

    …each of us needs to take action in supporting openness (eg by teaching sharing as a value and literacy).

    George Veletsianos, COHERE 2013. Small is beautiful and MOOCs as symptoms

    How are your peers using educational technology in teaching and learning? What are other providers doing? Would you like to contribute to the community? Would you like to develop your learning networks?

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