Exporting the FLO calendar

The calendar in FLO records due dates for assessment items and other events added by the teaching team. But it is only visible in FLO itself.
By syncing the FLO calendar to either your Google or Outlook calendar it is possible to view the calendar information in a more convenient manner on your phone or tablet.

You can sync your FLO calendar via URL to Google or Outlook.
This will update dynamically as content changes in FLO (though the updates are not instant and may take up to 8 hours on Google or 3 hours on Outlook).

This needs to be done on PC desktop version of Google and Outlook (not mobile versions) but will then apply to all versions. Mac users and PC web (OWA) have a separate link below after performing the common instructions below first.

• Login to FLO (stay in the My FLO page). Under the Navigation menu on the left, select Calendar.

FLO Menu options list, calendar as the fourth option down

• Click the Export calendar button at the bottom of the calendar.

Export calendar button on the left of two options

• Select All events and Custom range (this includes your calendar events for the next year) and click Get calendar URL.

Export calendar options list, with the all events and custom range radio button selected, and the get calendar URL displayed

• Select and copy the Calendar URL that appears

Calendar URL string beginning with https://

Instructions from here are slightly different for Google or Outlook calendars. Google and Outlook instructions are below, and you can click here for Outlook Mac or web based (OWA)

Google calendar instructions

• Logon to your Google account and go to your Google calendar.

Image of the google account menu, with the calendar option highlighted.

• Click the + next to Other calendars on bottom right of screen. 

Image of Google My calendars options

• Click on From URL.

Image of calendar options with from URL highlighted

• Paste the FLO URL you copied into the indicated space.

Image of a field that allows a URL to be pasted

• You should now have a live link to your FLO calendar in your Google calendar. (This means if your FLO calendar updates then so will your Google calendar - but this may take up to 8 hours).

Image of FLO calendar in Google calendar options

Outlook calendar instructions

• Open Outlook on your PC and select Add Calendar>From Internet from the Calendar tab.

Image of add calendar button in Outlook

• Paste the FLO URL you copied into the indicated space.

Image of URL field in Outlook calendar option

• Click Yes to the request.

Image of dialogue box confirming adding calendar

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