FLO Help for students

  • This site aims to provide information and resources for students learning to use FLO. We have developed videos, tip sheets and other resources for you to use.

    • Introduction to FLO

      New to Flinders? Watch these short videos to find out about using FLO (Flinders Learning Online).

      • FAN and password help

        Your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) and its associated password is your key to computer-based resources and services at Flinders University, including FLO. 

        Your FAN is also your user name for logging into the OKTA Single Sign on Dashboard (https://flinders.okta.com/).

        Your FAN is constructed from the first four characters of your surname (family name) followed by four numeric digits to make each FAN unique. If your surname has less than four characters then your FAN will have less characters as appropriate. As an example, the FAN for the seventeenth person with a surname beginning with the letters blog within the University would be blog0017.  If you have previously studied or worked at Flinders under a different name, your FAN may reflect your previous name.

        If you have forgotten your FAN or need to activate it, please follow this link: https://activate.flinders.edu.au/main

        If you have forgotten your password go to the Okta sign in page at https://flinders.okta.com  and select Need help signing in?

        • Wireless and networking

          How to set up your laptop or mobile device to connect to the Flinders University network

        • Your computer

          Make sure your computer is set up to use FLO and other Flinders services

        • Text-Matching Software

          Need some instructions for using Turnitin? Follow this link to the Text Matching Software FLO page for information on:

          • Text-matching
          • Submission of drafts
          • Interpreting the text-matching report
          • Submitting your final assignment

          You will need to log into these instructions using your FAN and password.

          Note this is not where you submit your assignment. It is just a link to some instructions you can read or print off on how Turnitin works and how to submit your assignment.

        • Assignments

          This module will help you with the process of preparing and submitting your assignments in electronic format.

        • Forum (discussion) activity

          The forum activity in FLO allows discussions to take place over an extended period of time.


        • Lecture recordings

          How to view your lectures within FLO

        • FLO Live

          FLO Live is a virtual classroom, where lectures, workshops, and tutorials can be held over the internet. Your topic coordinator will tell you if you will be using FLO Live in your topic.

        • Personalisation

          As a user in FLO you have a Profile with a number of settings that control the way FLO displays certain information about you.

          You can also personalise FLO to suit your needs.

        • Printing

          Copying and printing services at Adelaide campuses of Flinders University are provided by UniCard.

          Use your Flinders Student ID card to access printers.

          Add printing credit to your Flinders Student ID card either online via Unicards Printcard portal or by using the autoloader machines located in the Library.

          Wirelessly print from your laptop using Unicards Printcard portal.

        • Email & Calendars

          How to use your Flinders University email account

        • HTML Editor/Wikis

          Whenever you post to a discussion forum, create a wiki page and in many other situations, you will see the HTML Editor.

        • FLO Help Contact Details