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    FLO might look a little different than when you last logged in!  Watch our new video for an introduction to some of the new features.  

    We value your feedback regarding the updated look and feel of FLO.  If you would like to share your thoughts or experiences with us, please have your say by submitting your feedback to the Student Ideas Gateway

    flo icon from the okta dashboardIntroduction to FLO and studying online

    Watch our short introductory video and learn more about logging in and accessing FLO.  If you are studying from overseas, make sure you check out our specific advice for those studying online from outside of Australia.

    If you are new to learning online, or would just like to know more about FLO, check out our Learning Online FLO topic.

    Black and white book iconEssential reading materials

    The essential reading materials selected by your topic coordinator for your topic, including books, book chapters journal articles and videos, are mostly available in a one-stop shop we call Readings

    Look for the black and white Readings icon in your topic, or click through to learn more.

    Access and Organise your topics

    Topics will normally appear on your FLO 7 days before they start.  Customise your FLO dashboard to suit your display preferences and highlight the topics most important to you

    Set up your time zone

    Check your time-zone settings to make sure that FLO reflects your local time zone

    Upload your profile picture

    Help others in your topic get to know you better by putting a face to your name

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    • assignment icontext file iconText assignments 

      Click here for instructions on how to submit a regular text-based assignment (like a Word document, PDF or Powerpoint file).

      assignment iconvideo iconVideo Assignments 

      Is your submission a video or audio recording? Check out our instructions for submitting these file types via the MyMedia upload and embed method.

      Click here for video recording tips and tools and use of the Desktop Recorder.

      Do you need to record yourself or a group presenting a PPT? Consider using the Desktop Recorder to capture your screen while recording video and audio.


      Did you know that when you submit your text based assignment, a Turnitin Text-matching report will automatically be generated?  Click through if you would like to know more about the Turnitin software, or about Academic Integrity

      Are you experiencing a technical difficulty? Check out our Turnitin troubleshooting and FAQs.


      There may come a time when difficult or unforseen circumstances may prompt you to request extra time to submit a particular assignment.  Click through to learn how to submit an Assignment Extension Request.

      The Extension Request tool has been updated to reflect the Assessment Variation Procedures.  Please follow the on-screen prompts and upload Supporting Documentation as required.


      Sometimes you may need to make changes to a submitted assignment; you may have uploaded the wrong file, or your teacher may have requested you resubmit.  Click through for more information on Assignment Resubmission.

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      • Collaborate iconCollaborate 

        Collaborate is an online live collaboration space integrated within FLO.  It has a range of functions, including chat, audio, video, and screen-sharing.

        You may use it to participate in an online lecture or tutorial, present a presentation, participate in direct consultation with a teacher, or hold a group discussion.

        Get familiar with Collaborate by looking at our Collaborate Guide.

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          Forums forum icon

          Forums like the Announcements Forum and General Discussion Forum are key communication tools within your topic.  Forum participation may also be part of your assessment.  Click through to learn more about forums, including how to post and reply

          Quizzes Quiz icon

          Quiz activities may form part of your assessment.  Click through to learn more about online quizzes and what to expect when undertaking one

          Mahara ePortfolio mahara icon

          Click through to learn more about the Mahara ePortfolio; includes instructions for creating pages, journals, and collections within Mahara, and submission through FLO

          The Wiki tool wiki icon

          As part of your Assessment you may be asked to present information as part of a Wiki.  Click through for information on constructing your wiki and on using the text editor in FLO.

          The Blog tool 

          As part of your Assessment, you teacher may ask you to present information through FLO's built in Blog tool.  Click through to learn about posting and commenting.

          Due dates in FLO

          The Timeline block on your FLO Dashboard is a handy place to keep track of upcoming due dates.  Click on individual activities or assignments in your FLO topic to view their specific due dates

          Online exams/quiz/tests

          Some end of semester exams are sat online through FLO.  Click through for technical advice for preparing for your exam, helpful FAQs, and how to get help if you need it.

          Group and peer assessment

          The Enhanced Workshop activity is used to manage the process of assessing your peers as part of a graded assignment. Your teacher will set up the activity and you will be assigned a group of students to assess.

          If your topic is using the Feedback Fruits group/peer assessment tool, refer to the guide for more information.

          Your grades and feedback

          Once your teacher has marked your work, your assessment grades and feedback will be available in FLO.  Topic grades are available from the Student Information System.



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          • The FLO Student Helpdesk can answer non-course related questions, such as difficulties accessing FLO topics and modules, uploading assignments, or if you are unsure how to use the tools within FLO, such as quizzes and discussions. 

            For questions about your topic content, assessment or due dates, contact your Topic Coordinator.

            When contacting the FLO Student Helpdesk, please make sure you include the information we need to help you.  Please clearly identify yourself, tell us which topic you need help with, and clearly identify the relevant assignment, lecture recording, etc.  Any screenshots you can provide are most appreciated.

            email icon email
            phone iconcall 1300 354 633 (press 3 for FLO assistance)
            email iconsubmit our online form.  Select 'FLO' from the area menu.
            information desk iconWe are open during Library hours of operation - check today's hours here.

            • Contact Ask Flinders for information about enrolment, class registration or fees, or to submit a support request.
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