How to save your document as a PDF

PDF (printed document format) is a type of document that is neat and tidy to read on your computer, and is commonly opened in ‘Adobe Reader’. It is useful to know how to convert web pages, Microsoft Office documents, and other printable files to pdf for you to view offline; and because it is becoming more common for assignments to be submitted in this format. These instructions will guide you through the process of saving to PDF format.


When you are ready to convert your Office Document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to pdf, click the File Menu in the top left corner of your Office program the click Save As.
Select 'PDF' from the drop down menu and click the Save button.

  select pdf from the drop-down menu


Open the web page you would like to save in your web browser.  These instructions use the Google Chrome browser.

When the page is open, hold down the [Ctrl] key and push [P]. A print box window will open. Now click the ‘Change’ button under the destination heading and select ‘Save as PDF’. Then click the ‘Save’ button.

Select 'save as PDF'


If you have a windows laptop, you can install a program called ‘CutePDF Writer’, which is a ‘virtual printer’. This means that after installation, CutePDF makes windows think that there is a new printer, which will appear in ‘Devices and Printers’. When you print from any program, you can then select the ‘CutePDF’ printer, and print like you would anything else. When you print, CutePDF will open and ask to save the PDF file.
To download CutePDF, go to
Similar to this, there are several other PDF printers or converters out there, so have a look on the net.

Last modified: Wednesday, 11 January 2017, 12:55 PM