Adding pages and content to your wiki

A wiki is a very simple website constructed of pages that link to one another.  

A wiki in FLO may come with a template and structure pre-installed, or may come as a blank slate.
If a template has been installed, you will see some content pre-generated.  If no template has been used, you will need to start by creating your wiki's start page.

Note: Take care when creating and naming pages, as they cannot be permanently deleted or renamed later.

1. To begin your wiki, click create page

Click create page

2.  In the Content field, begin to add content for your page using the html editor.  

Unless you want all your content to sit on the one page, you will need to create additional wiki pages that link away from this first page. 
Think about how you want to structure your wiki - you might like to use the first page as a menu of sorts.

To make a link to a new page, type the name of your new page inside double square brackets. Here I am making a link to a new page called 'Brainstorming ideas'.

Type in the name of your first link

Click preview if you want to see what your changes will look like. A preview will appear at the top of your page. You will see that your text in square brackets now looks like a link.
Click Save changes when your are happy

save changes

3.  To turn your link into a new wiki page, click on the link then select create page

Click your link to create page

click 'create page'

4. You can add content to this new page just like you did to the start page.  You can create links to new pages here too.
Here I have not created any new pages, I have just inserted some text.

Add content to your page

Click preview if you want to see what your changes will look like. A preview will appear at the top of your page. 
Click Save changes when your are happy. 

click save changes

5.  This example wiki now has multiple pages.  We have a start page that links to a new page called 'Brainstorming Ideas A', and on the page called 'Brainstorming Ideas A' we have some text content.

Page with content

  • To make changes to a page, navigate to it then access the 'edit' view.  You are welcome to make changes, but remember that the history of these changes will be tracked.
    • You cannot delete or rename a page.  If you wish to, however, you can copy and paste page content to a new page then remove all links to the original page.  The original page will still be visible in the wiki structure page.

  • To see and track the changes made to a page, select the 'history view'. To see all changes to any page, click 'wiki changes'.

  • Click 'wiki index' to see an alphabetical or structured overview of the wiki as a whole. 

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