Topic administration - preview as a student (switch role to)

This entry relates to styles and layout, topic administration, and any situation where you set up activities and resources.

FLO allows you to preview your content and activities as a student would. This is particularly useful when checking the setup and design of your topic (the building and testing phases).


  1. In your topic, in the top toolbar, open the drop-down menu next to your name/login
    Profile drop-down menu

  2. Click Switch role to...
    Switch role to

  3. In the next screen, select Student from the list (note that this view may not be perfect – see Moodle: Switch roles for more information) 
    Student role 

  4. You will notice that Student appears under your profile name. You can now navigate around your site as a student would.
    Student role applied

  5. To return to your normal role, click the Return to my normal role link under the drop-down My FLO menu
    Return to normal role

Group restrictions

If an activity or a module has group restrictions, you won't be able to access it if you switch your role to a student, as those restrictions will apply to you too. Hence, if there are restrictions based on groups, you should add yourself to that particular group for a complete student experience. This should be done prior to switching your role to a student.


  • Student Two groups are synchronised regularly, and you will be automatically unenrolled from those groups each time it runs. This doesn't apply to a 'User-created group'.

  • Student Two groups syncing starts at 20 to the hour, every hour and can take up to 15 minutes, so the best timeframe is the first 40 minutes of the hour. Attempting this in the last 20 minutes of the hour will work, but you may be unenrolled mid testing.

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