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wiki iconThis entry relates to the Wiki activity.

See also Create wiki pages and/or a template for how to provide a structure for the wiki to guide student use.

Before you start

If you are planning on having wikis for different groups of students, make sure your groups have been created with students allocated:

Make sure to add the groups to a grouping.

  1. Turn editing on
    click 'turn editing on'

  2. Click Add an activity or resource to open the Activity Chooser
    'add an activity or resource' button

  3. Click the Wiki icon
    Wiki icon

  4. Enter a name for the first page of the wiki

  5. Open the Wiki settings section

  6. Choose your type of sub wiki:
    • Single wiki for topic: everyone in the class contributes to a single shared space
    • One wiki per group: each group has a separate collaborative space
    • Separate wiki for every user: every student has their own space

  7. If you have one wiki per group, open Common module settings, and change the Group mode to:
    • Separate groups if you want each group to have their own private space, or 
    • Visible groups if you want each group to have their own space but be able to see (not edit) other groups' wikis

    group mode

    Set the Grouping to be the grouping containing the student groups

    Timeline block: Using the 'Expect completed on' date in the Activity completion section will show a date to students in the Timeline block.

  8. Click Save and display

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