Gradebook - troubleshooting


Why can't students see their quiz results?

Quiz results visibility settings are controlled within the settings of the quiz, not in the gradebook. For information on how to change these settings go to Create a quiz – scroll down to Review options for further information.

My settings are correct, but students can't see their grades in the Gradebook

On rare occasions, there is a bug where things that should be visible in the Gradebook stay hidden. To fix this:

  1. Hide and show the activity half a dozen times.
  2. View the Gradebook as a student to see if the problem is still there.
If you have repeated these steps a few times and find that the bug is still occurring, please contact your eLearning support team.

Why can't I enter grades into FLO?

There are two main reasons why this might be the case:

If you don't think either of these reasons are the cause of the problem, please contact your eLearning support team.

Why is my marking guide not calculating grades properly?

Your marking guide may not be calculating grades properly because it scales the lowest grade to 0. So if you scale your marks from 1-10, it will recalculate '1' to 0. 

To solve this problem you must use a scale that starts at 0. 

Why is this grade wrong? Can I see what has happened to this grade in the past?

The Gradebook keeps a Grade history of all changes made to grades. Grade history shows staff when an grade was entered, what the grade was, and who entered it. It can be used to help determine if someone made an error when marking (eg if someone has accidentally marked the wrong student). To access the grade history:

  1. Go into the Gradebook and click on the view tab

  2. Click on the Grade history link
    The grade history link is highlighted

  3. The Grade history tab allows you generate a report using the following filters:
        - Select users (the student)
        - Grade item (assessment activity)
        - Grader (academic)
        - Date

    You can use any or all of these items as you choose.

  4. When you are happy with your filters, click on the Submit buttonthe submit button

  5. After you click submit, scroll down to see the grade history with the specifications you have selected

    students' grade history

    Click here to see image in a larger version

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