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Grades iconThis entry relates to the Gradebook.

You may need to export grades from the gradebook to an Excel file to finalise grades for exam board, or you might want a local copy for your records.


  1. Locate the Navigation menu, and select Grades

  2. Click the Export tab, then select Excel spreadsheet
    export tab

  3. If Group mode has been enabled in the topic settings, you can filter the gradebook by group/grouping to allow you to export data for students from a particular group instead of all students in the topic
    Filter for groups

  4. All gradebook items are listed and ticked by default to be exported. If you only need to download certain items, untick the items that you don't need. If there are several items and you only want to export a few, scroll to the end of the list, click Select all/none which will deselect all, then select the items you need
    only tick the assesment grades that you need to export

  5. To include feedback, open the Export format options section and tick the Include feedback in export box

  6. Set the other Export format options if applicable: 
      • include groups 
      • exclude suspended users (default) 
      • export grades as Real (default), Percentage and/or Letter 
      • export decimal places (default = 2)
  1. Click the Download button

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