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Grades iconThis entry relates to the Gradebook.

Note: Wherever possible it is better to enter grades through the activity instead of in the gradebook. Any grade entered in the Gradebook will always override a grade entered through the activity – regardless if you want it to or not.

Entering grades via the Gradebook should only be done when there is no related activity in FLO (eg participation marks, in-class presentations).


Manually import grades from an Excel file

Before recording the marks, it can be very helpful to first export a copy of the gradebook to enter the grades into. This will make it much easier to import the grades.

  1. In Excel, open the spreadsheet containing the grades
  2. Select File, then Save as

  3. Change the file type to CSV (comma delimited), and save the file
    save as type csv (comma delimited)

  4. Excel will ask if you want to keep the workbook in this format. Select Yes

  5. Close the file. Excel will ask if you want to save changes again. Select Don't save

  6. In the FLO gradebook, click the Import tab, and the CSV file link.
  7. Use the Choose a file… button to browse for the CSV file, or drag and drop the file into the upload area
  8. Click the Upload grades button

  9. Confirm that the grades appear on the screen correctly
  10. You now need to match data in your CSV file to data in the Gradebook. Under Identify user by, select a column in your CSV file (map from) that matches a column in FLO (map to). If you are using a file exported from FLO, you can set both Map from and Map to as FAN

    map from fan and map to fan

  11. Next you need to match the grades in your CSV file to a column in FLO. Under Grade item mappings, for each column you wish to import / update, select a destination column in the Gradebook. It is a good idea to only map the columns you have changed in Excel

    map assignment 1 column in spreadsheet to assignment 1 column in gradebook
  12. Click Upload grades

Manually enter a grade into the Gradebook

  1. Enter the Gradebook by clicking on the grades link in the Navigation menu

    navigation menu

    By default the Gradebook will open to the Grader report view, which displays a table of all students and all graded activities (in large topics the grader report might display over several pages)
    grader report tab
  2. Click on the cell corresponding to the student and the grade item. The cell will change to an editable area. Enter the grade (eg 9)
  3. Press the Enter key to save the grade change. The cell will change colour to show that the grade was successfully entered

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