Gradebook - check the Gradebook is accurate

Grades iconThis entry relates to the Gradebook.

We strongly recommend that you check the Gradebook to make sure students only see what they are meant to, and that the topic total is calculating correctly. You may choose to do this at different times over the semester, depending on when grades are released in your topic.

Preview grades as a student would see them

  1. Go to the Navigation menu and click on Grades
    The navigation menu is on the left side of the page. 'Grades' is the fifth item in the list

  2. Click the User report link
    view tab

  3. Select a student (or all students) from the Select all or one user drop-down menu on the right, making sure that View report as is set to 'User'
    Select a student from the menu, and view report as user

    This will display the grades for that student, as the student can see them (i.e. if a grade is hidden, it will not appear on this page).

  4. To also view hidden grades, open the View report as menu and select 'Myself'

Check that the topic total is correct

Important notice: Grades published in FLO are not official until they appear in the Student Information SystemMore information about final results

If you are not sure that the topic total is calculating correctly, we recommend manually calculating the total using either a calculator or Microsoft Excel (pick the one you are most comfortable with).

As the semester progresses, you can check against results that your students have received. If you need to check more assignments than the ones that have currently been marked you can ask the eLearning support team to add a demo student to your topic, whom you can mark in advance.

If you would like someone else to check your calculations, you can also contact your eLearning support team.

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