Styles and layout - URL (resource)

URL iconThis entry relates to styles and layout. A URL is classified as a 'resource' in FLO.

The URL resource enables a teacher to provide a web link as a topic resource. Anything that is freely available online (eg documents or images) can be linked to; the URL doesn't have to be the homepage of a website. The URL activity is particularly useful for linking to open educational resources (OERs). Linking externally ensures that you are not breaching copyright.

URLs can also be added to any other resource or activity type through the HTML editor (hyperlink icon).

Add a URL

  1. Click the Turn editing on button

  2. Go to the week or module you would like the URL to appear

  3. Click Add an activity or resource
    Add an activity or resource

  4. Select URL then click Add
    add a URL

  5. Add a Name and Description

  6. Type the URL in the External URL section

    URL - type url

  7. Under Appearance, if an external resource (ie outside FLO, including Flinders University website) leave the Display default as 'New window'. If an internal resource (eg within the topic site), choose one of the other options (automatic, embed, open, in pop-up). Note: Choosing 'embed' is not recommended for copyright reasons (this makes it look as though the link resource belongs in your FLO site) 
    URL display

  8. Click Save and display or Save and return to topic

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