Styles and layout - page (resource)

page iconThis entry relates to styles and layout. A page is classified as a resource in FLO.

A FLO page is an organisational tool that allows you to structure your topic in a meaningful way that may reduce scrolling on the topic homepage. Students are able to see the relational elements in your topic (eg key information, module content) in one convenient place, and can print if they need to. 

Using the HTML editor, a page can display text, images, sound, embedded video, web links and embedded code, such as Google maps. A page could be used to present the topic summary or to embed several videos together with some explanatory text. A page reduces the amount of content on your topic homepage and limits the amount of scrolling.

A page resource is more accessible (eg to users of mobile devices) and easier to update. For large amounts of content, we suggest you use a book rather than a page.


Create a page

  1. Turn editing on 

  2. Go to the module you would like your page to appear

  3. Click Add an activity or resource (bottom right of module)
     Add an activity or resource

  4. From the Resources tab, select Page
     page icon

  5. In the General section, add a Name and Description
    page - name and description

  6. In the Content section, add the text, images, links or multimedia you want to display
    Page content 

  1. Click Save and display

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