Styles and layout - folder (resource)

folder iconThis entry relates to styles and layout. A folder is classified as a 'resource' in FLO.

A FLO folder is an organisational tool that allows you to structure your topic in a meaningful way that may reduce scrolling on the topic page. Students are able to see relational files in one convenient place. Examples of folder use: 

  • a series of files in one module (eg a set of past examination papers in pdf format or a collection of image files for use in student projects)
  • a shared uploading space for teachers on the topic page (keeping the folder hidden so that only teachers can see it).

Steps for setting up a folder/s in your topic site:


Create a folder

  1. Turn editing on 
  2. Go to the module you would like the folder to appear

  3. Click Add an activity or resource
    Add an activity or resource

  4. Select Folder 
    folder icon

  5. Add a Name and Description
    Folder name and description

  6. In the Content section, you can add individual files into the folder either by dragging and dropping into the Files box or clicking the Add... icon and uploading from the File picker (eg browse for files on your computer)
    Add files

  7. Click Save and display


Create a subfolder

Once you have created a folder, you can create a subfolder/s. (Note: You can add a subfolder/s when you create a folder):

  1. Click into your folder
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Click on the Create folder icon and give your subfolder a meaningful name



Add a zip file, then unzip (and move to a subfolder)

A zipped folder may be uploaded and unzipped for display, or an empty folder created and files uploaded into it.

  1. Click into your folder
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Choose your zip file (this might consist of a series of documents such as PDFs that you have zipped up). Either click the Add... icon to browse for the file on your computer, or drag and drop the file into the Files box 
    zip files

  4. Once the file is uploaded, you can unzip it by clicking on the zip file icon
    zip files

  5. Select the option Unzip 
    unzip files 

  6. Your files should now appear in the folder where you placed the zip file. You can choose a subfolder to add them to by clicking on each individual file 
    file to folder 

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