Styles and layout - file (resource)

file iconThis entry relates to styles and layout. A file is classified as a 'resource' in FLO.

Files are an organisational/layout feature in your topic. You may want to store key files in one place so that students can access them quickly.

You can provide a file (eg PDF, Word doc, image) as a topic resource. The file may include supporting files, for example, an HTML file may have embedded images. Students need to have the appropriate software on their computers in order to open the file. Ensure that the files are of reasonable file size to reduce upload/download times - see Optimise files for tips to reduce file size.

Do not upload third party or published material (including journal articles, book chapters etc.) directly to FLO. These should instead be added to your Readings so the Library can meet licensing and legal requirements.


Upload a file

Uploading (adding) a file to your FLO site is an easy process. You can either upload the file to:

  • your FLO site homepage 
    The file will show on the homepage (as a link with file type and size)
  • a page/book chapter
    The file will show as a link only (this may be a design consideration re students finding the file easily)

Upload a file to your FLO site homepage

There are two ways to upload a file to your topic's homepage. Once you have added the file, it will show in the week or module that you have added it to.

Option 1: Drag and drop a file

You can drag a file from your computer and drop it into any module within your topic. Drag and drop is available on most modern browsers (eg Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

  1. Turn editing on 
    The following message should appear at the top of your topic homepage (but if it doesn't you should still be able to drag and drop files):
    drag and drop files

  2. Navigate to the module you want to upload a file into
  3. Drag the file from your computer and drop into the module you wish to upload the file into  
    Note: By default, files are uploaded to the bottom of the module. Once uploaded, the file can be moved
    add files here

  4. Click on the Edit menu and select Edit settings to edit the file.
    file - appearance

    Decide on the Appearance of the file: the default settings are Display: New window, with Show size and Show type ticked (eg 86.5KB PDF document)

    file - appearance

    This is how it will look on your FLO site homepage:
    file example

    Option 2: Add a file resource
    1. Turn editing on      

    2. Go to the module where you would like the file to appear 

    3. Click on Add an activity or resource, then select File     

    4. You will be taken to the Adding a new file screen where you can set the parameters of your file  

    5. Fill in the Name, Description (optional), and upload (or click and drag) the file into the Select files box  

    6. Click Save and display

    Upload a file to a page or book chapter
    1. Edit the applicable page or book chapter 

    2. Highlight some text you want to hyperlink to 

    3. In the HTML toolbar, click on the Link icon 
      link to a file method 

    4. Tick the Open in new window box. If you don’t, users will need to use the Back arrow in the browser toolbar to return to the original screen (the page or book chapter) 

      Click on the Browse repositories... button to choose a file to upload
      browse repositories
    5. On your computer, select and open the file, then click the Upload this file button  

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