Styles and layout - book (resource)

book iconThis entry relates to styles and layout. A book is classified as a 'resource' in FLO.

A FLO book is an organisational tool that allows you to structure your topic in a meaningful way that may reduce scrolling on the topic homepage. Students are able to see the relational elements in your topic (e.g. key information, module content) in one convenient place, and can print if they need to.

The book tool enables a teacher to create a multi-page resource in a book-like format, with chapters and sub-chapters. Books can contain media files as well as text, and are useful for displaying lengthy information which can be broken down ('chunked') into sections.

You could use a book to display reading material for individual modules of study, or as a showcase portfolio of student work.

Create a book and add chapters

Create a book
  1. Turn editing on and click on Add an activity or resource
    Add an activity or resource

  2.  Click on the Book icon
    book icon

  3. Give your book a Name and Description
    Name and Description

  4. In the Appearance section, decide on the book's chapter format and style of navigation (the prompts they use to move from one book chapter to the next)
    Appearance tab

  5. Click Save and display

  6. Give your first chapter a Title and enter content. To improve navigation, keep the chapter title concise.
    book title and content

  7. Click Save changes

Add chapters

  1. In the book, locate the Table of contents block 

  2. Click on the Add new chapter icon +
    book chapter - add

  3. Give the new chapter a title and enter content. To improve navigation, keep the chapter title concise.

  4. Click Save changes

Edit/delete a book chapter

  1. In the book, locate the Table of contents block

  2. If you haven't already done so, Turn editing on

  3. Locate the chapter you want to edit, and click the Edit chapter (cog) icon
    edit book chapter

  4. Edit the chapter title and content, and click Save changes

  5. To delete a chapter, click the Delete chapter (bin) icon
    delete a book chapter

Print a book or chapter

  1. Click on the Actions menu (cog) icon in the top right corner of the page, then either select Print book to print the whole book or Print this chapter to print the chapter you currently have open.
    Book administration > Print book

  2. A new window will open with a copy of the whole book or chapter. Click the Print link in the top-right corner of the screen.
    Print or Change destination

  3. The print settings for your computer will now open. Edit the printing settings as/if needed and then click on the Print button to print the book/chapter.

    If you have a PDF program installed, you can change the printer to Adobe PDF and the book/chapter you have selected will print as a single PDF file.

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