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A stealth activity is an activity that is hidden from students but accessible if you have a link to it. Watch this video explaining stealth activities (duration 2.44 mins): 

Note that the layout in this video is quite different to FLO, but the principles are the same.

Changing stealth settings from the front page of a topic

  1. Turn editing on in your topic

  2. For the activity/resource you want to stealth, in the pull-down menu for Actions select 'Hide'
    hide activity

    The activity/resource will now say 'Hidden from students'
    Hidden from students

  3. For the same activity/resource, return to the pull-down menu for Actions. This time select 'Make available'
    make available

  4. The activity/resource will now say 'Available but not shown on topic page'. When a student visits the page, they will not see the activity/resource but if you provide a link to it, they will be able to access it
    available but not shown

Changing stealth settings from an edit settings page

Alternatively, if you are editing the settings of an activity or resource:

  1. Open the Common module settings section

  2. Go to the Availability menu and select Make available but not shown on topic page.

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