Styles and layout - create a stealth activity/resource

This entry relates to styles and layout. 

With Moodle 3.3, you can make links to activities/resources which do not show on the topic homepage. Previously you may have created an orphaned module (ie not showing in the topic homepage) and linked to the activities/resources in that module from other (viewable) modules. With 'stealth', you can now make these Available but not shown on topic page. This feature means you can put activities/resources in the module where they belong, viewable to staff (with a topic coordinator/teacher role) but not to students. 

Watch this 2.44 min video explaining stealth activities: 


  1. Turn editing on in your topic

  2. For the activity/resource you want to stealth, in the pull-down menu for Actions select 'Hide'
    hide activity

    The activity/resource will now say 'Hidden from students'
    Hidden from students

  3. For the same activity/resource, return to the pull-down menu for Actions. You will now see the option  select 'Make available'
    make available

  4.  Select this option. The activity/resource will now say 'Available but not shown on topic page'. When a student visits the page, they will not see the activity/resource but if you provide a link to it, they will be able to access it
    available but not shown

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