Styles and layout - label (resource)

label iconThis entry relates to styles and layout. A label is classified as a 'resource' in FLO.

A label can be used for layout (eg a horizontal rule), text, images, tables and other information formats. Using a label in your topic homepage allows you to:

  • move it around in the module/topic (ie it's flexible)
  • duplicate it (eg where you want to produce the same heading throughout the module for consistency)
These features of a label as a layout tool can save you time.

Please note: Pages, URLs, forums and other FLO activities/resources have their own Description option which can be displayed on the topic homepage if you choose, so they don't necessarily require a separate label.



  1. Turn editing on 

  2. Go to the module where you would like the label to appear

  3. Click the Add an activity or resource link (bottom right of the module)
    Add an activity or resource

  4. Select Label from the Resources tab
    label icon

  5. Add your information in the Label text area
    Adding a new label

  6. Click Save and return to topic

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