Styles and layout - insert a horizontal rule

Show more buttons iconThis entry relates to styles and layout, in particular the HTML editor.

You may want to separate chunks of text, activities and/or resources with a horizontal rule, like this:

This style can make it easier to differentiate between sections in a module (or book chapter, page etc) and is a usability feature. 


To insert a horizontal rule below or above a heading or text, or to create a label that is a horizontal rule:

  1. In the HTML editor, click on the Show advanced buttons icon Show more buttons icon

  2. Place your cursor where you want the horizontal rule to be placed (either at the beginning or end of text) and click on the Horizontal rule icon horizontal rule icon

  3. You can also create a Label that is a horizontal rule. This enables you to move (and duplicate) horizontal rules as they are not attached to text (easy to use in a module)

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