Gradebook - view students' grades

grades iconThis entry relates to the Gradebook.

The Gradebook collates the grades for every assignment in one central place.

View the grades for multiple students

  1. Enter the Gradebook by clicking on the grades link in the Navigation menu 
    administration block

    By default the Gradebook will open to the Grader report view, which displays a table of all students and all graded activities (in large topics the grader report might display over several pages).
    grader report tab
  2. The Grader report can be both sorted and filtered to assist its management

    To sort, click on the desired column heading.  The Grader report can be sorted by first or last name, email address, topic total or activity grade.
    sort by headings

    To filter, select a group from the drop-down menu or filter by student initial.  Note: to filter by group your topic must first have groups enabled at topic level
    filter by groups drop-down menu
    filter by initial

View grades for a single student

  1. If you want to view a single student's grades in more detail than the steps above, click on the icon to the right of their name. This will take you through to the user report for that student
    click on the icon beside the student name

    You can also access it though the navigation at the top of the screen.
    grades navigation
  2. The user report shows a student's grades, the maximum score ('range'), weightings and any feedback 

    user report

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