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forum iconThis entry relates to the Forum activity.

Once the forum is made available to students (via the Forum settings), you may want to one or more of the following actions, depending on the forum settings.

Add, delete, move or export a post/s

Once a discussion forum is open for student posts, teachers will need to manage the forum – moderate posts (eg around netiquette, 'muddy' points/teachable moments, drifting conversations), assess forum participation, rate posts etc. Students may also need to manage their and others' posts – follow the conversation, export their posts, use them in an eportfolio/for an assignment etc.

Staff can delete, move or export posts. Students can delete (their own post, within a 15-minute time frame) or export their posts.

Add a post

  1. Click on the forum

  2. Click the Add a new discussion topic button

  3. Add a Subject and Message

  4. Optional settings include, add an attachment, pinning a post, post instantly, display period dates

  5. Click Post to forum

Delete a post

Teaching staff may want to delete a post if it is inappropriate (eg flaming).

  1. Click on the post you want to delete in the Discussion column

  2. In the next screen, click on the Delete option in the right-hand corner of the post
    delete prompt
  3. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the post – click Continue to delete the post

  4. Check in the post list screen to make sure it has been deleted

If you feel it is necessary to remove a post from a forum, but would prefer the post were not strictly deleted, please contact your eLearning support team to discuss splitting the post.

Move a post

You can move a post to another forum where it is more appropriate/relevant (eg a query about assessment may belong in a forum set up especially for this rather than where it has been posted).

  1. Click on the post you want to move in the Discussion column

  2. In the next screen, in the top right-hand corner of the post click on the pull-down menu next to the Move button
    move discussion

  3. Choose the forum in the topic you want to move the post to, and click Move

  4. Check in the original forum and the forum you have moved the post/s to, to make sure the post/s has moved

Export a post

You (or a student) can export a post to a portfolio. Note: You can also just copy and paste the forum entry into the eportfolio space (which may be easier but doesn't carry across the post date and time – if all that is needed is the post text, then a copy and paste will suffice).

  1. Click on the forum, then on the post you want to move in the Discussion column

  2. In the next screen, click on the Export to portfolio option in the right-hand corner of the post
    export a post

  3. You will need to select the destination – the default is File download. (The other option is Google Drive: if you choose this option you will go to a sign-in page for Google Drive. Follow the prompts.) Select your destination (in this example, File download) and click Next
    export a post

  4. In the next screen, choose your export format – the default is File download. Choose the option you want. Click Next

  5. Confirm your export by clicking Continue

  6. A pop-up box will give you the option to open or save the file

View a student's posts

A teacher can view the posts of a particular student and see all posts or any discussions started by that student. This is a useful feature if you want to provide feedback on a student's posts or see how often they are posting in a forum/s. 

  1. Click on the Participants link in the Topic Links block

  2. Click on the student's name (this will load their profile)
    participant's name

  3. Click Forum posts
    Forum posts

  4. You should see a list of the student's posts and the name of the forum/s the posts were made in – you can click the options Permalink, Show parent, Edit, Split, Delete, Export to portfolio or See this post in context
    forum options

Post a question to a Q and A forum

  1. Enter the forum by clicking on the activity on the topic homepage
    Q and A forum

  2. Click Add a new question
    Add a new question

  3. Enter a question Subject and Message
    Add question etc

  4. Press the Post to forum button

  5. The student will be able to view the question by clicking on the discussion Subject, and can post a response by hitting the Reply button. To see the other responses, they must first post their own
    question posted

    post reply

Rate a forum post (teachers/students)

If the forum has been set up for ratings, it will automatically appear in the Gradebook

Depending on the marking/assessment strategy, a student will probably only do step 1.

  1. Go to the forum, open a forum post (click on the link) and rate it using the drop-down rating box. (In the example below, the scale is out of 5)

  2. You could sample just one post for rating, or go into each post and rate them all (depending on the marking/assessment strategy)
    Example: With the setting below, teachers would rate each student's forum post/s out of 5. If more than one post is rated and the ratings are set to ‘Average of ratings’, they will average out. For example, if one post is rated 4 and another post rated 2, the average rating for a student's posts in this assessment item will then be 3 out of a possible 5 points:
    ratings - forum post

  3. In the Gradebook, the rating you assigned a student will automatically show in the Grader report View tab. Depending on the settings for the forum, the Gradebook will average out the ratings given to a student. You can adjust these in the Gradebook if you want to moderate (eg peer assessment and teacher assessment).

Give feedback (and a grade) on forum posts

You can give feedback on a forum post/s in the Gradebook for each student (note: tutors do not have this capability). If you are rating student posts, the forum will be automatically added to the Gradebook. If you are not rating posts but wish to assess forum participation, you will need to add the forum assessment item to the gradebook manually.

You will need to add open and closing dates when you create the forum.

  1. Once the forum has closed, go to the Gradebook from the topic homepage (Administration tab > Gradebook setup)

  2. In the Grader report, look for the assessment item (forum) in the columns to the right of student names

  3. Look for the student/s you want to give feedback to in the first column

  4. Click on the cell corresponding to the student and the grade item – two editable boxes will appear. The one with a straight-line border is the grade box and the one with the dashed border is the feedback box
    feedback box gradebook

  5. Fill in the boxes with the grade and feedback. This is also where you can moderate the grade

  6. When you unhide the gradebook assessment item, the marks will be released to students. In student view the screen will look like this:
    student view - feedback

Control how long forum posts are visible

You restrict student access to the forum under the Availability tab in the forum settings (Forum administration > Edit settings), when you are setting up the forum. Once the forum is open to students, you can also set a date time for an individual forum post to show/hide.

  1. Click on the forum, and the post you want to set a date time for

  2. Click on the Edit option below the post
    edit a forum post

  3.  Open the Display period tab, and select the Enable boxes to set dates for displaying the post (show/hide)
    display period options

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