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Feedback activityThis entry relates to the Feedback activity.

The Touchpoint survey is a short survey designed as a ‘snapshot’ to provide formative feedback about student learning. The survey can be added to your topic early, mid and late (eg weeks 3- 4, 7, 11 or equivalent, depending on the topic structure), or just once in the topic. It prompts students to voluntarily and anonymously give feedback about their experience of the topic so far. 

The questions are:

  • How are you going with this topic so far?
  • Is there any topic content (covered so far) that is not clear to you?
  • Are you having any difficulties with the topic? If so, what?
  • Could anything be improved about this topic or the teaching?

These questions can be easily altered to suit your needs. The data provides formative feedback about where students are at, to allow adequate time to make changes to teaching if needed. It also helps reinforce that students are an active part of their own learning. The data from the survey remains with (is stored in) the topic.

Use the Touchpoint survey in your FLO site

  1. Make a request to your local eLearning support team to have the tool added to your FLO site
  2. Unhide the tool (you can also edit/add questions if you like)
  3. Prompt students to use it via an announcement
  4. Later, click into it and check responses using the Show responses tab at the top (in the Analysis tab you can also Export to Excel)
  5. Think about what the results means for topic design and teaching
  6. Thank students and summarise your response via another announcement (to reward their efforts)
  7. Make any adjustments to the topic accordingly

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