Assignment – unhide an assignment to release grades to students

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assignment iconThis entry relates to the Assignment activity.

When you have finished the marking process, remember to Show the item in the Gradebook to ‘release’ marks and feedback to students. The grading summary table of the assignment displays the current status of the assignment visibility in the Gradebook:

grading summary

If the 'Grade visibility' status is set to 'Grades are hidden from students', the assignment must be made visible before students can see marks and feedback.

If you would like to notify students that their assignment grades are visible, you can post an announcement or with quick grading turned on in the submission table, select the students that you wish to notify and select 'yes' to 'notify students' and save all quick grading changes.


  1. Click on the assignment activity link

  2. In the Grading summary click the eye in the Grading visibility section

  3. The wording will change to 'grades are visible to students'
OR you can change this is in the Grades section

  1. In your topic, locate the Administration tab

  2. Click on Grades

  3. Click the Setup tab

  4. In the Actions column alongside the assignment you have finished marking, select the Edit dropdown list and click the Show icon

  5. The assignment will now appear (not greyed out). This will now show the marks and feedback to students
    grades visible

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