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To upload feedback files, you will need to compress them into a zip file first AND ensure they have the correct naming convention (all files starting with FAN_ for example demo1234_feedback.docx). The zip file should only contain feedback files that you want returned to students. All feedback files within a zip file will be returned to the student regardless of whether they have been changed since downloading. Therefore, delete any unwanted feedback files from the zip file being returned to FLO.

Any feedback files with the same name will overwrite any existing files. Do not include the grading worksheet in the zip file. Uploading the grading worksheet is a separate process (instructions below).

If uploading a feedback file or marked assignment for a single student, it is not necessary to zip the file first. 

Upload marked assignments/feedback files

To create the zip file:

  1. Select the files you wish to upload

  2. On Windows computer:
    Right-click on one of the files and choose Send to, then Compressed (zipped) folder. The zipped folder will by default use the name of one of the students' files (you can rename this if you wish)
    zip files together

    On Mac computer:
    Right-click on one of the files and choose Compress Items. The zipped folder will be named by default
    zip files together

  3. In FLO, click on the assignment link and then click the View all submissions button

  4. Select Upload marked assignments and feedback files from the Grading action menu (top of the screen)
    upload files

  5. In this screen, you can use either the Choose a file... button to navigate to your zip file or simply drag and drop it into the box. The zip file will appear in the box once it has been added
    zip file

  6. Click the Import feedback file(s) button

  7. You will be provided with a detailed list of the file changes being made. Here you can see the summary of files added. Click the Confirm button
    confirm file upload

  8. You will see a summary of how many users have had feedback updated, how many existing feedback files have been updated and how many files were added

  9. Click the Continue button to go back to the grading screen where you will see that the feedback files have been added. Note: Any feedback files with the same name will overwrite any existing files
    feedback uploaded
    Important: Even though the marked assignment and feedback files have been uploaded, they will not be released to students until the students have been formally graded.

Upload the grading worksheet

The grading worksheet should not be zipped prior to uploading. It is a separate process.

  1. Click on the assignment link and then click the View all submissions button

  2. Select Upload grading worksheet from the Grading action menu (top of the screen)
    upload grading worksheet

  3. This will take you to the Upload grading worksheet page. The grading worksheet should not be zipped. It should be uploaded in the same format you downloaded it (csv).

    Check that the Separator option is set to Comma.

    You can either use the Choose a file... button or drag and drop your grading worksheet into FLO. The file will then appear in the box:
    uploading grades

    Important: If grades were entered into FLO after the grading worksheet was downloaded and you wish to change them, make sure you click the checkbox Allow updating records that have been modified more recently in FLO than in the spreadsheet. If you do not, then the more recent marks will not be changed. Otherwise, leave as default (unticked).

  4. To commit the changes, click the button 'Upload grading worksheet' button.

  5. FLO will then provide you with a detailed list of the changes to be made:
    confirm changes

  6. Click the Confirm button and FLO will provide a summary of changes
    grading worksheet summary

  7. Click the Continue button to go back to the grading screen where you will see the uploaded marks and feedback

    grading changes

Upload a feedback file for a single student (eg late submission)

Sometimes, primarily in the case of late submissions, it may be necessary to grade a small number of individual assignments. Feedback files and marked assignments are typically uploaded in bulk as a zipped file in the View all submissions display. However, a single feedback file or marked assignment need not be zipped and can instead be uploaded via the individual marking form.

  1. Click the assignment link and then the View all submissions button

  2. Locate the student for whom you would like to upload a feedback file

  3. Click the Grade button beside the student's name

  4. Scroll down to the Feedback files upload area
    feedback files box

  5. Upload your feedback file by dragging and dropping it into the box, or browse for the file by clicking the Add file buttonadd file

  6. Click the Save changes button

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