Assignment – use a grading worksheet to mark assignments offline

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Using a grading worksheet is part of the offline marking process

First, you need to download the grading worksheet (Offline grading worksheet will need to be enabled in the Feedback types settings of the assignment).


  1. Once you have done the steps to download the grading worksheet (see link above), open the file (the file is a CSV file type, the program is Excel). You will see a table containing student data as well as columns for Grade and Feedback comments
    grading worksheet interface

  2. Expand the columns for easier viewing – Click in the top left corner of the sheet, which selects the whole sheet, then put your cursor on the line between any two columns (A|B, C|D etc) and double click – this should automatically expand all columns so data is viewable
    Excel columns

  3. As you mark the student submissions, a mark can be entered in the Grade column and if desired brief feedback can be entered into the Feedback comments column (optional). The Feedback comments column may be left empty if you plan to upload feedback as files. These are the only two columns that should be modified and it is important that other table sections are not modified in any way.

    These two columns provide an alternative to Quick grading directly into FLO
    comparison - worksheet and quick marking 

  4. If you have set up your assignment to use a predefined scale rather than simple grading, enter the name of the level awarded (eg Distinction) into the Grading worksheet. Note that scales must be entered exactly as they appear in FLO and are case sensitive
    scale grade

For assistance with scales, please contact your eLearning support team.

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