Assignment - mark group assignments (offline/online)

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assignment iconThis entry relates to the Assignment activity.

Note: The information on this page is relevant for assignments that have been set up for group work (see Create a group assignment).

The following processes outline the different methods you can use to upload marks and feedback into FLO for group assignments.

Mark group assignments offline

Method 1  (recommended)

If the bulk download feature for marking is used, you will end up with one assignment per student (NOT one assignment per group) in the zip file. Therefore, it is recommended that all group assignments be individually downloaded from the File submissions column in the Assignment submissions table. Once marked, the feedback and grade can be provided to an individual student and applied to the entire group.

  1. Click on the assignment link

  2. In the next screen, click the View all submissions button

  3. From the drop-down Visible/Separate groups box (depending on how the assignment has been set up), select the group you want to mark
    assignment group

  4. Choose one student file to download for the entire group from the File submissions column (click on the file to download)
    file submission column

  5. Open the file and mark it. 

  6. To upload the marked file for all students in the group, click on the Grade button for an individual student. In the individual marking screen, upload the marked file in the Feedback files box.
    Feedback files box 

  7. Insert the grade in the box provided
    Insert grade

  8. Apply grades and feedback to entire group is set to Yes by default, so to apply the feedback file and grade to all group members at once, scroll to the end of the screen and click Save changes.
    Group submission settings

Method 2
  1. Follow steps 1-5 for Method 1 above.

  2. To upload the marked file/s for all students in a group, ensure you have selected the correct group from the Visible/Separate groups box.

  3. Select all students in the group by ticking the checkbox for the Select column.

  4. Scroll down the page and choose Send same feedback file to multiple students from the With selected… drop-down list, then click the Go button
    Send feedback file to multiple students

  5. Click the OK button when the following message appears:
    Upload files

  6. Upload the feedback file/s and click the Send same feedback file to multiple students button.

  7. Download the grading worksheet, enter in the marks for each group member, then upload to FLO.

Method 3
  1. Follow steps 1-3 for Method 1 above.

  2. Download all submissions  (for the selected group) and extract the files for marking.

  3. Mark one of the files.

  4. Copy the marked file’s content and paste it in each file for the other group members (ie replace the existing content).

  5. Upload the marked files as you normally would for offline marking.

  6. Download the grading worksheet, enter in the marks for each group member, then upload to FLO.

Mark group assignments online

  1. Click on the Assignment activity

  2. In the next screen, click the View all submissions button

  3. From the list of students, select one member of the group and click the Grade button (in the Grade column) to access the individual marking form
    grade button

  4. Annotate the assignment submission

  5. Enter the grade, feedback comments and upload feedback files (as required) on the individual marking form.
    You can also provide audio or video feedback – record an audio or video using the Desktop recorder and embed it in the Feedback comments area by selecting the Add media iconadd media iconfrom the HTML editor

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. If the assignment has been set up to use groups, you will see a Group submission settings tab. Set 'Apply grades and feedback to entire group' to Yes. This will ensure that all group members receive the same feedback and mark. Of course, if you are marking students individually set this to No:
    apply grades and feedback to entire group

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