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groups iconThis entry relates to Groups and groupings.

icon for the group selection toolThe Group selection tool allows students to enrol themselves into groups. Use of the tool can give students a sense of control over their learning, and can be more convenient for staff than manually controlling which students are added to which groups.

Group selection could be used so that students can choose:

  • a time/day that suits them to do lab/field work
  • a subject/activity that interests them for a group assignment – this might work particularly well for project or inquiry-based learning


Note: before you start you might need to create empty groups and add the groups to a grouping
  1. In the topic, make sure that editing is turned on. If not, click the  turn editing onbutton.

  2. In the week/module where you want to add the tool, click add activity or resource

  3. Select group selection icon

  4. Click the add button

  5. Give the activity a Name and Description

  6. Change allow selection from to be the grouping that contains the empty groups

  7. Specify the default max members per group. 0 means there is no limit to the number of students per group.

  8. Click the save and display button

  9.  Once you have made the tool you can override the max members per group by opening the tool and going to the Limits tab.
    limits tab

Note: students can not remove themselves from groups. Only staff can remove students from groups.

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