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Sometimes it is useful to create 'sub areas' inside an activity. This can either be for the benefit of the academics teaching the topic, or for the students studying the topic. For example:

  • Assignments – Staff can filter students' submissions to a particular group, making it easier to keep track of their students
  • Gradebook – Staff can filter the gradebook to show grades for a particular group of students
  • Forums – Each group of students can have a separate forum, facilitating better group discussions
  • Wiki – Each group of students can have a separate wiki
Common module settings cannot restrict which group or grouping has access to an activity. There are separate settings for access restrictions.


Add a group or grouping to an activity

  1. Edit the settings for the relevant activity

  2. Open the Common module settings section

  3. Set the group mode:
    • to create a completely separate area for each group – set the group mode to Separate groups
    • to create areas for each group that all students can view – set the group mode to Visible groups
    • to have one area for all students – set the group mode to No groups

      Common module settings

  4. Change the Grouping setting to the relevant grouping, or leave it blank to allow staff to choose any group in the topic.

Note: Additional steps are required for group assignments.


Filter the Gradebook by group or grouping

You can apply a grouping to the Gradebook, which will allow you to filter it in the same way you can with an assignment. This can be helpful to track the progress of a tutorial group, or the progress of an entire availability (e.g. internal or distance).

  1. Edit the settings for the topic. Navigate to the topic homepage and open the Topic Management panel by clicking the button (cogs icon) on the main menu
    Topic management cogs icon

  2. In the top-right corner of the panel, click the Actions menu (cog icon) and choose Edit settings
    Actions menu and Edit settings
  3. Scroll down and open the Groups section

  4. Set the Group mode to Separate groups
    Groups settings for topic filtering

  5. Change the Grouping to the relevant grouping, or leave it blank to allow staff to choose from any group in the topic

    Note: This will also affect what groups can be viewed from the Participants screen.

  6. When you go back to the gradebook you will see a new menu that allows you to choose from the groups you have selected
    Filter groups in gradebook

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