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Whether you are starting from scratch or working with a feedback activity already created, using the feedback activity in a topic ideally consists of 5 stages, in a looped process."]

1. Plan  |  2. Build  |  3. Test  |  4. Administer  |  5. Review  ||  Support 
Feedback icon A feedback/survey/poll activity is an asynchronous way to measure how students are engaging with your topic materials. It might be useful to do this early on in the topic to check progress and identify any issues, which may allow you to make changes/adaptations that better meet student needs. A feedback activity mid-topic could help you determine how to scaffold activities that lead to topic completion and achievement of the learning outcomes. 

1. Plan

The feedback tool enables a teacher to create a custom survey for collecting feedback from participants using a variety of question types including multiple choice, yes/no or text input. Feedback responses may be anonymous if desired, and results may be shown to all participants or restricted to teachers only.

Feedback activities may be used to:

  • provide formative feedback about student learning (for example the Touchpoint survey)
  • evaluate a topic, helping improve the content for later participants
  • enable participants to sign up for events, etc.

Example: Touchpoint survey

This short survey is designed as a ‘snapshot’ to provide formative feedback about student learning. You can use it once or more in your topic to see how students are going with their learning.

2. Build

You have planned your feedback. Now you are ready to set up your feedback. Below are instructions for creating a feedback activity and adding questions. Alternatively you could ask your eLearning support team to add the Touchpoint survey to your topic, and alter the questions if you need to.

Create a feedback activity
  1. In your topic, click Turn editing on
    Turn editing on button

  2. Go to the week/module where you want to add the feedback activity, then click Add an activity or resource
    Add an activity or resource link

  3. Select Feedback and click Add
    Feedback activity option

  4. Give the feedback a Name and Description(optional)
    Feedback activity add name

  5. Open the Availability section and set an opening and closing date
    There are two settings under availability - 'Allow answers from' and 'Allows answers to'
    Timeline block: The 'Allow answers from' date will show to students in the Timeline block.

  6. Under Question and submission settings, set the Record user names option to either Anonymous or User's name will be logged and shown with answers
    Feedback activity record user names

  7. Under After submission, set the Show analysis page to Yes if you want students to see a summary of responses, otherwise leave as No
    Feedback activity show analysis page

  8. Click Save and display
    Save and display button

Add questions to a feedback activity

  1. In the feedback activity, click Edit questions
    Edit questions tab

  2. Using the Select menu, choose the type of question to add
    Add question

    The types of questions are as follows:

    • Longer text answer
    • Multiple choice
    • Multiple choice (rated)
    • Numeric answer
    • Short text answer

    You can also add information and structural elements such as

    • Page break
    • Captcha
    • Label
    • Information
  3. Complete the required information and click Save question button

3. Test

Once you have set up the attendance, ask your local eLearning support team to check it for you (especially if this is the first time you have set up this activity).

4. Administer

These instructions include use of the Touchpoint survey.

View the results of a feedback activity

  1. Click the feedback tool from the topic page 
    Feedback activity Touchpoint icon 
  2. To view an analysis of submitted responses, select the Analysis tab 
    Analysis tab 
    By default, the responses from all participants will display in this view.  

    To view only the results submitted by members of a specific group, select that group from the drop-down menu. The option to view groups is only available if groups have been enabled in the administration settings of the activity (feedback administration>edit settings>common module settings) 

  3. To view responses on the individual level, select the Show responses tab 
    Show responses tab 
    If the survey is not anonymous, it is possible to view the set of responses submitted by each respondent. Filter by group or by first or last initial, then click on the date beside the respondent's name 
    view responses 
    Anonymous surveys responses can also be viewed at the individual level. Anonymity is maintained by the removal of the student's name, which is replaced by a response number.  
    show anonymous responses 
  4. To export responses, select the required format and click Download
    Export to Excel button

5. Review

How did your feedback activity go? Would you set up the activity differently next time round? If you used the Touchpoint survey, did you make changes to your topic during the teaching/learning process? If yes, were the changes successful? Talk to your colleagues and/or your local eLearning support team to get ideas for improvement. 

  Training and support


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