FLO interface - troubleshooting

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This troubleshooting guide relates to the FLO Interface.


FLO sends me too many emails

You can control which email notifications you receive from FLO by locating your name (once logged in) in the toolbar/banner at the top of the screen. Use the drop-down arrow to go to Preferences, then Notification preferences. From here you can disable email notifications for particular activities.

notification preferences email

The file I want to upload is too big

FLO has a default upload size of 50MB per file. You can change this using the following steps:

  1. On your topic's home page, click on the Topic Management button

  2. Click on the Cog icon

    The cog is in the top right corner

  3. Select Edit settings

  4. edit settings

  5. Scroll down to the Files and uploads section and select the topic size you require from the Maximum upload size drop-down list (if using Video we recommend using MyMedia instead of increasing the file limit)

  6. Click Save and display to apply changes

I can't delete the topic links block

This block provides key information to students about the topic and cannot be removed.

When I delete the announcements it keeps coming back.

The announcements activity is a key part of communicating with students on FLO and cannot be removed.

What is the FLO starter site?

The FLO starter site is a pre-configured starting place for a FLO topic and can be customised to work with the needs of a course or topic. Read more about the FLO starter site.

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