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The Calendar is a centralised place where all dates and events are recorded and collected. You can add events to the Calendar as part of an active teaching approach. Students can also add events (eg group meetings) in the Calendar and personalise their student view.

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The Calendar helps students keep track of events within the topic (including assignment due dates) and take responsibility for their learning. They can also export the Calendar into their personal calendar (eg Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar) for better access.

The calendar is enabled in all topics by default, but you are encouraged to add the upcoming events block, which shows students a streamlined view of upcoming dates.

1. Plan

Think about how your students might use the calendar tool to help them successfully engage with your topic, and promote it to them in your introduction/orientation to the FLO site.

2. Build

Add key dates to the calendar (new event)

Most assessment dates will automatically go in the Calendar (cut off dates being the exception) but you can also manually add key dates (students can also add dates.)

  1. Open the Calendar from the navigation menu (within a topic, the calendar link is below the topic’s links so you will need to scroll down the list).

    The calendar as it appears in the navigation menu. In this picture, it is marked with a red border.

  2. Click on either the date of the booking or the New event button.

  3. Specify the Event title

  4. Choose the Date and time of the event

  5. Specify the type of event.
    1. If Topic, the entry will be shown to the entire class.
    2. If User, it will be private to you only
    3. If Group, it will be visible to only the group you choose

  6. To add an end date, description or set it as a repeating event, click on the Show more link

  7. Click the Save button
Export the calendar to Outlook (or another calendar)

You can import events in your FLO site into your Outlook calendar (or another calendar). This may help you manage the topic/events. There are two steps in this process: in FLO and in your calendar in Outlook.

Note: External calendar programs such as Outlook may only sync to calendars periodically, so the calendar may not update instantly. Outlook will sync every three hours.


  1. Open the calendar from the Navigation menu.

    The calendar in the navigation menu. In this image it is marked with a red border

  2. Click on the Export calendar button underneath the calendar.

  3. Choose which events and the time frame you wish to export. For the most information, select ‘all events’ and ‘custom range’.

    The export calendar screen. The options suggested above are marked with red borders

  4. Click on the Get calendar URL button. Copy the Calendar URL that will appear underneath the button.

  5. You can now import the calendar. The steps from this point vary depending on what website/app you use.

In Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook on your computer and select Add Calendar > From Internet from the Calendar tab

  2. Paste the Calendar URL you copied in the indicated space and click on the OK button

  3. Click Yes when asked to receive updates from the Calendar

    A picture of the box that appears asking you to receive updates from the calendar

Other Calendars

View the help pages for the website or app you are using to find out how to add the calendar URL.

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