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The Calendar block is a WebPET feature. You can add events to the Calendar block as part of an active teaching approach. Students can also add events (eg group meetings) in the Calendar and personalise their student view. You can export the Calendar to Outlook.

1. Plan  |  2. Build ||  Support 

 The Calendar feature helps students keep track of events within the topic (including assignment due dates) and take responsibility for their learning. They can also export the Calendar into their personal calendar (eg Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar) for better access.  

You do not need to add the calendar tool to the topic; it is part of WebPET and enabled by default.

1. Plan

Think about how your students might use the calendar tool to help them be independent learners in your topic, and promote it to them in your introduction/orientation to the FLO site.

2. Build

Add key dates to the calendar (new event)

Some assessment items will automatically go in the Calendar (eg assignment) but you can also manually add key dates. (Students can also add key dates.)

  1. In the topic, locate the Calendar block (usually on the right-hand side)

  2. Click the month name to enter full view
    click month

  3. Click on either the date of the booking or the New event button.

  4. Specify the Event title

  5. Choose the Date and time of the event

  6. Specify the type of event.
    1. If Topic, the entry will be shown to the entire class.
    2. If User, it will be private to you only
    3. If Group, it will be visible to only the group you choose

  7. To add an end date, description or set it as a repeating event, click on the Show more link

  8. Click the Save button
Export the calendar to Outlook

You can import events in your FLO site into your Outlook calendar (or another calendar). This may help you manage the topic/events. There are two steps in this process: in FLO and in Microsoft Outlook.


  1. Open your calendar by clicking on the month link
    click on month

  2. Click on iCal
    click export

  3. The calendar will download 

  4. Now you can import the calendar into Microsoft Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click on the downloaded file

  2. This will open up a new calendar in your outlook

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