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Lecture icon A lecture recording. The video has two areas of focus - a small picture of the lecturer and a large picture of a PowerPoint.The Lecture resource is used to both live stream lectures and display lecture recordings to students. Any class timetabled as a lecture in a compatible room is automatically recorded and added to your FLO site, usually one week before the topic starts.

Lectures are live streamed for students unable to attend in person. Shortly after the lecture has concluded, video and audio recordings are made available for students to play or download through either FLO, iTunes, or an RSS reader.

All topics have a lecture recordings block that can be used to manage existing recordings and book additional recordings.

Good practice guides and tip sheets

Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to lecture recording-related resources are provided below. 

Making the most of your lecture recording

Where do I find my lectures?

In your FLO topic, lectures display as links, as shown below. The links will automatically be created on the topic home page, one week before the start of the topic.
The icon for a lecture is a white piece of paper, with yellow markings.

Lectures are placed based on the layout of the starter site, with the week one lectures appearing in the fourth module, week two lectures appearing in module five, and so on. If your topic's layout is different to the starter site (including having modules for the mid-semester break) you may need to move your lectures to their correct location. To move your lectures make sure editing is turned on, then click and drag the crosshairs to the left of the lecture to its desired location.

The crosshair icon is to the left of the lecture recording icon. In this picture it's marked with a red border.

If you are having trouble finding the lecture, you can check the activities block for a summary of which module contain which lecture.

Booking additional recordings

Each topic has a Lecture recordings block where you can view what is being recorded for your topic, and you can request classes other than lectures be recorded. 

  1. Open the Topic Blocks and click on the link in the lecture recordings block.
    Lecture recordings block
  2. Click on the Booking form link.

    The booking form link is in the top left section of the page. In this image it is marked with a red border.
  3. On the booking form, enter the applicable dates, start time, duration and room number

Editing lecture recordings

Renaming lectures

Lectures can be renamed in FLO, and it is a great way to provide more meaningful information to students.

To rename a lecture, turn editing on in your topic and click on the pencil icon to the right of the topic name. Types in your changes and hit the enter key to save them.

The pencil icon appears after the lecture name. In this image, it is marked with a red border.

Removal of content

IDS can provide limited support of editing for sensitive information and private conversations. View the lecture recording FAQs for further information

Moving lecture recordings

Lecture recording can be moved the same as any other activity in FLO, and may be necessary if the recordings are placed in the wrong location. When you have editing turned on, you can click and drag the crosshairs to the left of the lecture to move it to its desired location.

Cancelling a recording

If a lecture is not going to be held you can stop the lecture from being recorded. Be aware that if the lecture is running and you are trying to cancel the recording only, you will need to request an exemption first.

Deleting the recording from the FLO site will not be sufficient – it will still be recorded and provided through iTunes and RSS feeds.

To cancel a recording:

  1. Open the Topic Blocks and click on the link in the Lecture recordings block.
    Lecture recordings block

  2. Click on the Do not record link for the relevant lecture
    The 'Do not record' link appears next to the green 'Published' message

Manual self-recording

Any room that can automatically record a lecture can also be used to manually record other activities.

To record in a room, turn the AV system on, insert a USB stick into the plug in the presenter's desk, and use the buttons on the touch panel to record yourself. For further details, go to the Audio Visual Services website.

If you wish to record a regular event (such as a seminar or tutorial) you can request that these be recorded automatically. For more information, view the Lecture recording FAQs and click on 'Can I record tutorials, workshops, seminars and other activities?' (near the top of the page).

Frequently asked questions

The lecture recording FAQs have a range of questions on a wide range of issues, including:

  • How to use the room equipment
  • Controlling the cameras
  • Tips for producing high quality recordings
  • What happens if the technology fails
  • Reusing lecture recordings
  • Getting part of a recording removed for copyright or confidentiality reasons

Lecture recording FAQs

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