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assignment iconThis entry relates to the Assignment activity.

Quick grading allows you to enter a grade and a feedback comment directly on the grading screen that displays all submissions. If you are providing a mark/grade and brief text-based feedback AND you have relatively low numbers of students, then quick grading is a good option. If you wish to provide a more detailed or formatted feedback comment consider using the individual marking form.


  1. From your topic page click on the assignment link and then click View all submissions

  2. To enable quick grading, scroll to the bottom of the grading table and tick Quick grading under Options
    Quick grade checkbox

  3. This will make the columns 'Grade' and 'Feedback comments' editable, meaning you can enter marks and feedback directly into the grading table
    manual grade (quick grading)

  4. To view a student’s assignment, click on the file link in the File submissions column. This will open the file in the relevant application (eg Word). Alternatively, you can download all assignments in a zip file by using the Download all submissions option in the Grading action menu (at the top of the screen)
    download all submissions

  5. To enter a mark/grade use the boxes in the Grade column

  6. To enter a comment use the text entry boxes in the Feedback comments column

  7. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the grading table to click Save all quick grading changes
    save quick grading

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