Assignment - download assignment submissions/feedback files and grading worksheet (offline marking)

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assignment iconThis entry relates to the Assignment activity.

If you are marking offline (having set this up when you created the Assignment activity), there is a 3-step process: download (internet access required), mark (no internet access required – this is the 'offline' part), upload (internet access required). 

Your options in the drop-down menu for 'Grading action' will depend on how you have set up the assignment.

Download assignment submissions for marking offline

To download student submissions (for marking):

1. Click on the assignment
Click view submissions button
3. Select Download all submissions from the Grading action menu (at the top of the screen)
download all submissions

If a filter is selected, only the students in that group will be visible and be downloaded. There are two types of filters:

Group filters are at the top of the screen
filter groups
Status filters are at the bottom of the screen under Options
filter options

4. To download specific submissions, select them by ticking the checkbox beside the relevant student's name – filters may still be used, but each required item must be checked. Then, use the With selected... drop down menu to select Download selected submissions

download single assignments

To download a single submission, first open the required document by clicking on it. Choose Save as to save a copy to your preferred location. This file will not be zipped, so extraction will not be necessary.

5. The zip file will download. To display the contents of the zip file:

  • Google Chrome – will display the download file in the bottom bar in the left corner. Click the arrow and go to Open
  • Mozilla Firefox – select Open with… and click OK
  • Safari – the zip file is saved under Downloads

On Windows computers

You will need to extract the files out of the zip by clicking 'Extract all files' in the top left. (Instructions may vary depending on what version of Window you are using)

       extract all files

Once this is done you will be asked to select a path to extract to. This is the folder that the files will be saved to. Save the files somewhere that is easy for you to remember and access, as this is where you will be doing your marking. Click Browse… to select a folder.

       extract files - path

By leaving Show extracted files when complete ticked a window will open containing the files you extracted, ready for use.

On Mac computers

Go to Downloads and double-click on the zip file. The file will automatically be decompressed by Archive Utility into the same folder the zip file is in

Tip – once you have extracted (saved) the contents of the zip, ensure you mark student work in the selected folder. This will make it easier for you to zip up the files once you have finished marking.

Download feedback files 

If you include a feedback file (eg marking guide, rubric) when you create the assignment, FLO will attach a file to every student (by putting their FAN at the front of the file name). The download process is the same as for submissions (above) except that you choose Download feedback files in a zip from the drop-down menu:

download feedback files in a zip

Download the grading worksheet

1. Click on the assignment
2. Click on  view submissions button
3. Select Download grading worksheet from the Grading action menu (at the top of the screen)

download grading worksheet

4. To open the grading worksheet:

  • Google Chrome – will display the download file in the bottom bar in the left corner. Click the arrow and go to Open
  • Mozilla Firefox – select Open with… and click OK
  • Safari – go to Downloads and double click on the csv file

5. The grading worksheet is not a zip file and therefore you will not need to extract anything. Save the grading worksheet in a location you will be able to remember

Note: If you are saving files anywhere outside of the University network (eg USB Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive), please make sure you take regular backups of your work.

Next step

Once you have finished marking, you will need to upload the marked files and grading worksheet.

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