Gradebook - mark in FLO using a rubric, marking guide or checklist (assignments and forums)

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This entry relates to the Gradebook.

If you set up a marking guide, rubric or checklist (an advanced grading feedback form) when you created an assignment or forum, you can mark using the feedback form online in FLO.

See also Annotate (mark) student assignments in FLO (online) for how to mark student submissions using online annotation tools.

Good practice guides and tip sheets

Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to assessment-related resources are provided below. 

Rubrics and marking guides in FLO | Constructive alignment in FLO | Designing holistic rubrics | Negotiated assessment


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