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Manage the list of student assignments

If you have a large number of students, you can manage the list of student assignment submissions so that it becomes more usable, by applying filters or customising options.

Apply filters

You can filter the student list by group or by status.

1. By group

If you have a large number of students and multiple markers, you can set up your assignment so that you can easily filter students using the drop-down box in the top left of the screen.

grouping box

Markers can use this to ensure they are only viewing the students whose work they need to mark.

2. By status

This filter allows the user to display a subset of students. You will find this filter at the bottom of the screen under Options. Choose between ‘No filter’ for all students, or choose 'Not submitted', ‘Submitted’, ‘Requires grading’, ‘Granted extension’, ‘Draft’ or 'Late' to display only students who meet that criteria.

filter options

This filter is useful for managing student submissions and allows markers to see which students require grading, submitted late or have an extension.

Customise options 

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find Options.

grading options box

The settings under Options are as follows:

  • Assignments per page determines how many submissions are shown on each page. If you have a large class, you may like to set this number higher than the default. If you have a video assignment, you may like to set this number lower so that the page loads faster.
  • Filter see above
  • Quick Grading allows you to grade directly into this table.
  • Show only active enrolments removes students from the list who have been suspended from the topic for any reason.

Manage large numbers of student assignments

If you have a large topic, it is likely that assignments will be marked by multiple markers (eg each tutor marks student papers from their tutorial group). In cases like this, it may be useful to organise your assignments by marking groups.

All students will submit their assignment into the same assignment dropbox. Markers will be able to choose the group they need to mark from a drop-down list, and will then only see students whose assignments they need to mark:

group drop-down box

Use the assignment marking workflow

The assignment marking workflow can be used by markers to keep track and specify the stage they are at in their grading of individual assignments.

One advantage of using marking workflow is that the grades can be hidden from students until they are set to 'Released'. The actual list of steps are:

  • Not marked (the marker has not yet started)
  • In marking (the marker has started but not yet finished)
  • Marking completed (the marker has finished but might need to go back for checking/corrections)
  • In review (the marking is now with the teaching staff in charge for quality checking)
  • Ready for release (the teaching staff in charge is satisfied with the marking but wait before giving students access to the marking)
  • Released (the student can access the grades/feedback)
Note: Marking workflow works best in larger topics - it requires extra steps to release grades to students, meaning the benefits of using marking workflow are only realised when you have several markers. It is not recommended for use small and medium-sized topics.

Enable marking workflow
  1. When editing the assignment settings, under Grade, set Use marking workflow to Yes
    marking workflow
  2. Click Save and display

A workflow status selector now appears for each student in the View/grade submissions screen

marking workflow


Progress a single submission through the workflow
  1. In the submissions screen, make sure Quick grading is on
    quick grading

  2. Select the workflow step from the dropdown menu for the student
    workflow dropdown menu

  3. Click Save all quick grading changes


Progress multiple submissions through the workflow
  1. In the submissions screen, click the checkbox next to each submission you want to progress

  2. At the bottom of the table, use the With selected menu to choose Set marking workflow state, then click Go
    marking workflow filter

  3. Choose the new workflow state from the menu and click Save changes

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