Assignment - grant extensions for assignments (Assignment grading screen)

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Topic coordinators and teachers can grant students an extension beyond an assignment’s due date and cut-off date. This is usually done through the Assignment extension tool (which partially automates the process) but in certain situations can be done in the Assignment grading screen, for example, when a student has requested an extension without using the extension tool.

When setting the due date for a resubmission, or changing the initial due date for a selection of students, use a group or user override. To change the date for all students, edit the assignment’s settings instead.

Grant an extension

  1. Open the assignment and click on the View all submissions button

  2. Click on the Edit link to the left of the student’s name and profile picture
    The edit link is highlighted in this picture with a red rectangle

  3. From this menu, select Grant extension
    The grant extension link is highlighted in the picture below with a red rectangle

  4. Enter a new due date and click on the Save changes button

  5. The status will now indicate that an extension has been granted


Where do students see their extension date?

In their assignment:

student view - extension

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