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The 'completion progress' block is a time management tool for students and a potential preparedness tracker for staff. The block is a flexible, visual block option to show students what activities and resources are required to enable them to chart their progress through assessments, a module or a topic. The colour-coded block shows students what they have and haven't done to complete/view required tasks, with or without expected due dates. Teaching staff can see an overview of students' progress using the same colour code system by accessing the student overview (see below) or using the completion tracking Activity Completion report.

        Add the progress block

        1. Click the Turn editing on button. 

        Turn editing on

        2. Click on the Topic Blocks button in the top right corner of your topic’s home page.

        3. Go to Add a block... and select Completion Progress

        Add completion progress block

        4. FLO will reload and the Completion Progress block will appear in your list ready for configuration

        Configure the progress block

        1. Set up (configure) the criteria for the Completion Progress block by opening the Configure Completion Progress block from the cog symbol on the block (editing must be enabled). 

        configure completion tracking block

        2. Review and adjust the block settings, including the order of blocks, the presentation and any symbols you wish to use. 

        completion block settings

        3. Open Show more... section for adding an alternative title and selecting the components you wish to display. By default, all activities with completion set will be added to the block. Change this to Selected activities and then select the activities from the list below. Hold the Ctrl key down to select multiple activities. 

        show more completing tracking

        4. Open the Where this block appears section. So that students have a consistent navigation, change the default region to column A, and the default weight to 4. Then open the On this page section and repeat these steps.

        completion block appearance

        5. Save your changes when you are finished.

        View students' progress

        1. To view the statistics of student's progress for activities/resources listed in the 'Completion Progress' block, click Overview of students on the block. 

        completion progress block overview

        2. Filter the list to all students or other roles using the Role drop-down filter. If groups are set up, the option to filter by a group is available.

        overview of students 

        3. Hover mouse over the 'Progress bar' colours to view details. 

        4. Alternatively, use the 'Progress' percentage column (if turned on) to view the overall progress of the activities/resources.


        CP overview

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