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tick box To set up completion tracking for your FLO site, consider the following phases:


Enable completion tracking

  1. Completion tracking is a topic-wide setting that allows you select a 'completion' option for the items in your site. When completion tracking is turned on, you have the option to activate it for the activity or tool. Even with completion tracking turned on, items are set to off, so you have to manually enable it for each item where it makes sense to do so.

  2. To enable completion tracking in your FLO site, Topic Management > Edit settings > Completion tracking and change to Yes to enable completion tracking. Save settings to apply.

enable completion tracking image

Set up and integrate activity completion

  1. Once 'Completion tracking' is enabled, each individual resource or activity can have 'Activity completion' turned on.
  2. Enable 'Activity completion' during the set-up procedures for each activity/resource you wish to track and the action associated with the tracking (manual or conditional completion)
  3. Add the activity or resource by clicking on the link in the module: Add an activity or resource linkor edit an existing activity
  4. Scroll down to Activity completion
  5. Select manual or conditional from the drop-down menu 

The settings you are provided with are available as either manual or conditional, which are related to the tracking function.

  1. Completion tracking (behaviour)

    • Manual: students can manually mark the activity as complete (students see a box to tick when they have finished with that item)
    • Conditional: show activity as complete when conditions are met (select conditions and dates that apply)

activity completion settings

  1. Require view: Student must view this activity to complete it. By ticking this box, you are declaring the action (behaviour) of the student is to view the item and make no other changes/additions. This option only works for Show activity as complete when conditions are met is selected.

  2. When an activity is added that has additional requirements possible, you are able to determine if a 'completion' is related to the grade (assessment submission, quiz etc) or entries (forum, glossary, etc). This is useful when describing to students what constitutes 'completion' of an activity. Example: Students are required to post into a forum, and to comment on someone else's post, within a certain timeframe (conditional).

completions tracking conditions

  1. Expect completed on: Provide a date and enable it if you wish to use 'expected dates' in your site. This is useful for assessments or in preparation tasks for workshops or lectures.
Timeline block: The 'Expect completed on' date will show to students in the Timeline block, marked as 'should be completed'. If an activity has a due date (or closing date, deadline, etc.) two dates will show - the due date and 'expect completed on' date.

  1. Save

Monitor activity completion

  1. In the topic, click the Topic Management button
    Topic management button

  2. Click on Activity completion in the User Links menu
    Activity completion

  3. View the students and activities/resources on screen. Three types of 'completion' exist – manual, automated and overridden:

    a tick in a grey solid-line boxManual: a tick in a solid-line box appears when a student has manually ticked the item off
    a tick in a grey dotted-line boxAutomated: a tick in a dotted-line box appears when the condition of the activity/resource set within the activity/resource settings
    a tick in a red solid-line boxOverridden: a tick in a red box appears if an academic manually records that a student has completed a task.

  4. To download a spreadsheet format (UTF-8.csv) or Excel-compatible format (.csv) report, click on the Download in... button. 

Manually override activity completion

If activity completion does not reflect a student's achievement (e.g. amended assessments, technical errors) you can mark it as complete on their behalf.

  1. In the Administration tab, click on Reports then Activity completion

  2. Click on an empty box to mark it complete. The cell will now have a blue tick and a red border.

    Click on a box to mark that a student has completed that task

Bulk select activities/resources for completion tracking

You are unlikely to want all items in your FLO site to have completion tracking set up, as this may include labels that are headings, or resources that are optional. You can bulk edit activity completion, which fast tracks the selection process.

  1. Set up activity completion for the topic (instructions above)

  2. In your topic homepage, under the Administration tab, select Topic completion

  3. In the next screen, click on the tab Bulk edit activity completion

    bulk edit activity completion

  4. Select the activities/resources you want to edit, and click on the Edit button. In the next screen, choose options, and if relevant, a completion date

    Timeline block: The 'Expect completed on' date will show to students in the Timeline block, marked as 'should be completed'. If an activity has a due date (or closing date, deadline, etc.) two dates will show - the due date and 'expect completed on' date.

    bulk selection image

  5. Click Save and return to topic or Save and display

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