Lesson - review and mark attempts (including reports)

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lesson iconLesson tool reports allow you to review attempts made by students and, if enabled when building the activity, grades the students have received.

Lessons created using the essay question type will also need to be manually marked. 

Review reports

The lesson activity has inbuilt reports showing the performance of students taking the lesson. 

  1. Open the lesson and click on the Reports tab 
    Reports tab

  2. Click on the Overview tab to view the attempts by each student, the date and time of each attempt, and any grades received
    Report - lesson overview tab

  3. Click on the Detailed statistics tab to get a breakdown of how students responded in each question 
    Detailed statistics

Mark essay questions

To mark essay questions: 

  1. Open the lesson and click on the Grade essays tab 
    Grade essays tab

  2. Click on the date to review a student’s attempt. If multiple attempts have been made, multiple dates will show 
    Grade essay interface

  3. Leave feedback (Your comments) and a mark (Essay score), then click the Save changes button 

  4. The status of the attempt will change to Graded
    Graded status

  5. To send feedback to the student, click on the Email graded essays link in the 'Email' column. Clicking on Email ALL graded essays will send feedback to all students with graded essays.

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