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MyMedia iconYou've created a video. Now you can upload the video to My Media (Kaltura) in FLO and embed it in topic activities for students to view. All common audio and video formats are accepted (eg mp4, mp3, avi, wmv, mov and flv), and can be streamed on all devices, including mobile devices.

Before you continue reading

The instructions below are for uploading a video file that you have created outside of FLO.

If you are creating a video using the Kaltura Desktop Recorder, your video is uploaded to your My Media when you save the recording. There are separate instructions on how to use the Desktop Recorder.

The next steps:

  1. Upload the video to your My Media and publish into topics
  2. Edit the video after uploading (if required)
  3. Embed the video from the topic Media Vault in teaching activities in FLO topics (separate entry)

Upload a video to your My Media and publish into topics
Uploading a video saves it in your My Media, a personal media repository within FLO that's only visible to you. Once you've uploaded the video to My Media, you can then publish into your topic's Media Vault for use by the teaching team, and embed it into activities for students to view. 

  1. Log in to FLO, open the drop-down menu next to your profile picture and select My Media My Media icon

  2. In the top-right corner, click Add New > Media Upload
    Add new video upload

  3. Select and upload the media from your computer (you can drag and drop from a folder or your computer, or use the Choose a file to upload button to browse your computer). The typical upload time for a fast home network is 10 MB per minute. The recommended maximum file size is 150 MB.
    Upload media - drag and drop or browse

  4. While the upload processes, enter a name and a detailed description. These fields are mandatory for publishing the video for use in topics.
  5. If you're going to reuse the video in multiple topics, or for a number of years, keep the name and description free of anything too time-specific or too topic-specific. For example, in the image below, the original video file was saved on the computer as 'Week 2 - Literature Review'. Removing 'Week 2' from the title when uploaded means that if next year the activity changes to Week 4, there's no need to also update the video name and description. The description field also allows some basic text formatting and adding web links (useful if you want to link to related online resources). 
  6. Optional: You can also tag the video with relevant keywords so it's more 'searchable' within FLO. 
    Upload video name description tags

  1. Optional: If you want to add a collaborator to your video (i.e. give them permission to use or edit it in a particular way), scroll down to the section Co-Editors and Co-Publishers and click the Add Collaborator button (this button will be available once the video has finished uploading).
    Add collaborator

    Type the collaborator's name or FAN, select from the following permissions, then click the Add button to save your changes:
  • Co-Editor will allow them to edit your video
  • Co-Publisher will allow them to publish your video
  • Co-Viewer will allow them to view your video

Collaborator settings

  1. Click the Save Changes button. Note: You can't publish the video into a topic/s Media Vault until you've saved
    Save changes

  2. You'll see confirmation banners that your video is saved in My Media, and that it's set to 'Private'. 
    Upload confirmation

  3. To make the video available for use in your topics (and so that everyone in the teaching team can use it in activities), you should now publish it into the Media Vault for your topic/s. Select Published, then wait for your list of topics to appear underneath. Tick the topic/s where you want to publish the video (you can select one or multiple), then click the Save Changes button
    Publish to topics

  4. The system will confirm the video has been published to the selected topic/s Media Vault. 
    Publish to vault confirmed

  5. Next, it's a good idea to Preview the upload. 
    click Preview Media

  6. If the video is ready to use in topic/s, skip to the instructions on embedding a video from the topic Media Vault. If you want to edit the video (i.e. do things like trim or cut out sections of the video, add captions, add chapter markers, etc) then see the section below Edit a video after uploading.

Edit a video after uploading
If you need to edit a video after it's been uploaded, you have access to a range of basic editing tools in My Media to trim, cut out sections and replace video. You can also add captions, chapter markers and more. You can edit your video immediately after uploading, or at any time. For detailed information and instructions for using the editing tools, see the entry: Video - edit in FLO (Kaltura).

Next step

Now you've published the video to your FLO site's Media Vault, you'll need to embed the video where students can see it.

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For uploading from iOS Apple devices, use Safari rather than Okta.

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