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These tools are available in FLO. For external tool options, contact your local eLearning support team.

What do you want to do? Tool options

Add a single file

file iconFile

Drag and drop files such as PDFs and Word docs into your topic homepage, if editing is turned on

Add multiple files

folder iconFolder

Store related files in a folder (eg Assessment resources) which can be downloaded in its entirety or by individual file

Group information together into one item

page iconPage
Keep content in one place without taking up space in the topic site. A page is good for chunks of text and could also contain links/embedded videos etc

Group information together into sections

book iconBook
Store related content, using chapters/sub chapters, to save space in the topic site. The Book module makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format

Add a heading/text on a topic's homepage

label iconLabel
You can move or delete labels, so they allow for flexibility and working with chunks of text

Add a video without taking up space

page icon Page
Embed or link to videos in a page so they are all in one place 

Link to an external resource/website URL iconURL
Link out of your topic, opening the link in a new window, so users can return to the topic easily

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