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Group assignments are used when students work on an assignment in teams and upload one submission per team. Note: Before creating your group assignment, you will need to organise your students into groups and add these groups to a grouping.  

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Group work 


Create a group assignment

Create an assignment (for file submissions) and make the following adjustments to the settings.

Group submission settings
Setting Description
Students submit in groups

Set to Yes to create a group assignment (this will activate the next three settings)

Students submit in groups setting 
Require group to make submission

If enabled (Yes), students who are not members of a group will be unable to make submissions

Require group to make submission setting 
Require all group members submit

This setting is enabled if Require students to click the Submit button is Yes in the Submission settings.

This setting controls whether every member of the group must click the Submit button, or whether one member can 'submit' on behalf of the group: 

  • No — When one member of a group submits an assignment it will count as submitted for the whole group
  • Yes — The assignment will not be submitted until every member of the team has clicked the Submit button (students in the group will be notified about who still needs to click the Submit button)
Require all group members submit setting
As with individual assignments, if students forget to press the Submit button you will still be able to view and mark their assignment in draft mode. We recommend that you lock the submission to prevent changes while you are marking.
Grouping for student groups

Choose the grouping you wish to use for the group assignment. Select the grouping that you created when you organised your students into groups.

Grouping for student groups setting

Important: It is vital to have your students in the right group/grouping. If you do not include a grouping for this setting, FLO will take your entire topic as a group, so the first student to submit will be submitting for everyone and their assignment submission will be visible to everyone. If this isn't set up correctly it cannot be changed once someone submits – you need to recreate the entire assignment.

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