Gradebook - calculate the topic total using weightings (simple)


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Many Gradebooks can be set up quickly and easily using weightings. Weightings state how much each activity contributes to the topic's total, allowing FLO to automatically calculate the total for you.

Weightings are best used when they replicate the percentages in the Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM). For example an assignment worth 20% of the final mark would have a weighing of 20.

Important notice: Grades published in FLO are not official until they appear in the Student System. Find out more information about final results.


  1. In the Gradebook, click on the Setup tab, then the Gradebook setup link
    Gradebook setup tab
  2. In the Weights box next to each item, specify the percentage weight for each activity. For example, if Assessment 1 is worth 20%, put 20 in the Weight column
    enter weights for each item

    You can ignore the Max Grade column - FLO will automatically take the maximum grade into account when determining the total mark.

  3. If an activity doesn't contribute to the topic total, give it a weighting of 0

    This assignment has a weighting of zero.
  4. Click the Save changes button

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