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Getting into the electronic mindset is about looking at the different phases of the assignment process. In setting up the assignment activity, the main questions and considerations are around:

Answers to these questions/considerations will determine what settings you apply in FLO and the processes you use.


When creating an assignment it is useful to have answers to a number of questions concerning the submission process:

  • How do I want students to submit the assignment? As a file or as online text that can be read in FLO? If a file submission is required, how many files are you expecting the students to provide and what size will the files be?
  • Do I need students to sign a declaration that it is their own work?
  • Will I accept late submissions?
  • Do I need students to explicitly click a 'Submit' button to indicate their final submission or will the work be iterative or provide feedback purposes only?
  • Will students be submitting in teams or groups?

Mark and return

We can approach marking as we normally would, and use these decisions to guide us through the settings needed to handle the marking process.

  • What kind of feedback will be provided to students:
    • Text feedback?
    • Annotations on assignments?
    • A marking guide, rubric, checklist or feedback form?
    • A combination of the above
  • Will you (and your marking team) have an Internet connection while marking?

The answers to the two key questions above will help determine the marking method that you select.

If you are managing a marking team, some useful questions to consider are:

  • How will marker distribution be managed:
    • Will tutors mark their own tutorial groups?
    • Will tutors mark a random allocation of students?
  • Will you review marks and feedback once they are in FLO (ie markers return marks and feedback to FLO themselves)?
  • Will you ask markers to send feedback and marks to you for review before uploading into FLO?

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