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quiz iconThis entry relates to the Quiz activity.

Four quiz reports are available in FLO:

  • Grades reportshows all the students' quiz attempts, the overall grade, and the grade for each question. There are links to review all the details of a student's attempt, just as the student would see it (student view)
    • Useful for tracking student progress, identifying students at risk, identifying problem questions (either difficult or badly designed) or easy/difficult questions (by time taken)
  • Responses report: similar to the Grades report, except that it shows the responses the students gave, rather than the marks they earned. It is also possible to show the question text or the right answer, to compare with the student's response. This is helpful when the question is randomised
    • Useful for identifying student misunderstandings (individual and common), gaps in their knowledge
  • Statistics report: gives a statistical (psychometric) analysis of the quiz, and the questions within it. The front page gives a summary of the whole quiz. Links drill down to a detailed analysis of specific questions
    • Useful for analysing individual questions and question behaviours (e.g. random guess score) but you will need to understand statistical terminology
  • Manual grading reportallows the teacher to manually grade questions in the quiz 
    • Useful for online marking of essay questions (more a marking facility than a report) – these can't be automated like other formats for questions (eg multiple choice). You can also mark short answer questions if required

Generating and interpreting these reports can help you refine your quiz and question bank for the next cohort/overtime.


  1. In the topic, click on the Quiz activity

  2. Click the Administration tab > Quiz administration > Results

  3. Choose from the four report options: GradesResponsesStatisticsManual grading

    quiz results


The Grades report tells you about student quiz attempts, displaying the overall grade, and a summary of each correct/incorrect answer. It also reports on the State (student progress through a quiz), the time the quiz was started/completed and the total time the student took to complete it. You can re-grade quiz attempts by selecting Re-grade selected attempts. A bar graph summarises the grade range and frequency.

  1. Click the Administration tab > Quiz administration > Results > Grades


  2. In the What to include in the report section, choose the required settings

  3. Click Show report
    grades report includes

  4. If graph marks distribution is chosen, it will display at the bottom of the page below the student results.

  5. You can download the results in a variety of formats (Comma-separated values text file, Excel spreadsheet etc) 

  6. Checkboxes allow you to individually regrade or delete the selected attempts

  7. Each question's marks is hyperlinked to allow you to view the student's response

Quiz grades report data



The Responses report is visually similar to the Grades report, but it shows the responses students gave to quiz questions, not the marks they earned. You can view the question text/correct answer to compare students' responses.

  1. Click the quiz link > cog icon > Results > Responses


  2. Use the setting form (What to include in the report) at the top of the page to control what is displayed (enrolled users who have attempted the quiz; enrolled users who have not attempted the quiz etc)

  3. Click Show report
    responses display choices
  4. At the bottom of the page is a graph showing the distribution of scores

  5. You can download the results in a variety of formats (Comma-separated values text file, Excel spreadsheet etc)

  6. Checkboxes allow you to delete the selected attempts

responses report data


The Statistics report provides a statistical ('psychometric') analysis of the quiz and the questions. The report has three sections:

  • a summary of the whole quiz
  • an analysis showing all questions in table format
  • a bar graph of the percentage of correct answers (the 'Facility index') and the 'discriminative efficiency index'.

To get the report:

  1. Click the quiz link> cog icon > Results > Statistics


  2. In the Preferences just for this page, choose whether you want to calculate statistics from the highest graded attempt, all attempts, first attempt or last attempt.

  3. Click Show report

    Calculation settings

  4. You can download the full report in a variety of formats (Comma-separated values (.csv) file, Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet etc)

  5. The summary page (Quiz information) is shown below
    statistics options

  6. 6. The Quiz structure analysis page is shown below

    structure analysis

    7. The bar graph (Statistics for question positions) is shown below

    the bar graph

    8. Click on a question in the Question name column. In the Preferences just for this page, choose whether you want to calculate statistics from the first attempt or all attempts, and click Show report to go to a detailed report for that question, as shown below

    statistics question analysis

    question statistics

    8. The table (Analysis of responses) is shown below

    bar graph statistics

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