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quiz iconThis entry relates to the Quiz activity.

Before the quiz opens

This action relates to the 'Plan' step for Quiz. If, before a quiz opens, you discover that a question requires editing or correction, it can be easily edited. 

  1. Click the Topic Management button (cog icon) on the main menu, then the Question bank link
    Topic management button

  2. Question bank link

  3. Use the Select a category drop-down list and select the category that contains the question
    Select a category drop-down

  4. The questions contained in the category will appear. Locate the relevant question, then select Edit question from the Edit drop-down menu. After making the required changes, click Save changes.
    Edit question

If you discover the error after student access has commenced, it is possible to regrade your quiz. When a quiz question is altered, all instances of that question will be altered (ie if the question is used in another quiz it will also be altered). Students will not be notified of the changes made.

After the quiz opens 

There are two steps to this process – edit the quiz question/s and regrade the quiz.

Step 1. Edit the quiz question/s

To regrade a quiz attempt (once it has already opened and students have attempted it), you will first need to edit the quiz question/s that needs changing. You can either edit the question/s (change mark, add comment) for all students OR for selected students.
Edit a quiz question for all students
  1. Click on quiz link      

  2. Click the Edit quiz link in the Actions menu       
    Edit quiz link

  3. Click on the cog to edit the question
    Edit question cog

  4. Make changes, click Save changes

Edit a quiz question for selected students

  1. Click on the quiz link

  2. Click the Actions menu cog and choose Grades under the Results link
    Grades link

  3. Choose the student and question in the Grades screen (scroll down) and click on the mark link (in the example below, it is 0.25)
    question link

  4. In the next screen, scroll down and click on the Make comment or override mark link
    question level - click on link

  5. Add a comment or change the mark
    comment or override mark screen

  6. Click Save

2. Regrade the quiz

How you regrade the quiz is different depending on whether it has random questions or not.

Quiz with
no random questions

If you change the mark for a question to 0, you don't need to regrade. 

If you adjust an answer (eg in an MCQ), you will need to regrade. You cannot change the question type (eg in an MCQ, you will need to leave it at one answer only, and make two answers correct, both worth 100%, rather than change the MCQ to multiple answers allowed).

  1. Click on the quiz

  2. Click Attempts at the bottom of the screen

  3. Next to Show only attempts tick the box 'that have been regraded/are marked as needed regrading'

    regrade attempts

  4. Click Dry run a full regrade (to see the outcome before you actually regrade – it is not a required step)

    dry run a full regrade

  5. Click on the Continue button once the 'Regrade completed successfully' screen has appeared
    regrade and continue

  6. Once completed, the attempts that need regrading will appear in the regrade column with 'Needed' appearing

  7. Click on the 'Regrade attempts marked as needed regrading' button
    regrade attempts...

  8. Click 'Continue' button once Regrade completed successfully appears
    regrade attempts
  9. To complete the process click Regrade all

  10. Click Continue button once 'Regrade completed successfully' appears. You will now notice that the regrade column disappears, indicating that your quiz has been regraded 

Quiz with random questions

If you need to remark one question you will need to identify which students were given the question, as that particular question could have occurred in any order (eg question 1 for some students but question 4 for others).

Example: If you have a randomised quiz of 20 questions, the problem question could be given in any of the 20 possible positions within the quiz.

  1. In the quiz, click the Actions menu cog and choose Manual grading under the Results link

  2. Click the Also show questions that have been graded automatically link

  3. Locate the problem question for each of the possible question slots and edit however many results there are by clicking on update grades in the Automatically graded column. (The random question has a round symbol next to the question name. random question icon) In the case below, you will need to edit 2 attempts on this question
    questions that need regrading

  4. Once you have edited the question and saved the edits, you will see that this question is no longer automatically graded – you have manually regraded the question
    manual regrade screenshot

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