Quiz - change quiz settings for a group or user (override/extension)

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quiz iconThis entry relates to the Quiz activity.

In a quiz, you can change the dates, timing and the number of allowed attempts for groups or users. If you want to create a Group override, groups will need to be set up in your topic. This is likely to be an administrative step, once the quiz is running. You can also create an extension for a student using the Assignment extension tool.

Create a group or user override

A group or user override allows you to change some quiz settings for a student or group of students. The settings that can be changed affect the timing and duration of when students can do a quiz, and are generally used when a student is given extra time to do the quiz.

  1. Click on the quiz

  2. Click on the cog in the top-right corner of the page

  3. Select Group overrides or User overrides
    quiz administration block

  4. Click Add group override or Add user override 

  5. In the next screen, choose an override group or user/s (you can search for a user or scroll through a list) (required field)
    override group

  6. Decide whether the group or user will require password, what dates the quiz will open and close on for this group or user/s, the time limit and attempts allowed. You only have to enter settings that are changing, not settings that are staying the same.
    input password, close and poen dates, time limit and attempts allowed
    Timeline block: User overrides show to students in the Timeline block, marked as 'override'. Group overrides will not show to students in the timeline block.

  7. Click Save (or Save and enter another override)
    save icon, save and enter another override icon, cancel icon

    The quiz summary page indicates when user/group overrides have been applied.
    Text showing there is one group override and one user override.
    Tutors do not have permission to add or edit overrides but can view the details of overrides given by others.

Create an extension using the Assignment extension tool

Although set up specifically for assignment extensions (hence you can choose the assignment from a drop-down menu), you can manually add other activities (such as a quiz) to the list of 'assignments', thus providing students and staff with a consistent extension application process for all assessable items in the site. 

  1. Click on the Assignment extension tool assignment extension tool

  2. Add a manual item (the quiz)

  3. Follow the instructions for Assignment - grant extensions for assignments (Assignment extension tool)

After approving the request you will need to make the applicable changes to FLO – that is, the date change is not automatic. For a quiz, apply a user override.

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