Quiz - create a true/false question

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quiz icon This entry relates to the Quiz activity.


  1. Open the quiz and either:
    • Edit the quiz, click on an Add link on the right side of the page, and select + a new question.
    • Open the question bank and click on the Create a new question button

  2. Select True/False and click Add
        true false

  3. Give the question a category

  4. Give the question a Name (required field)

  5. Enter question text (required field)

  6. Give the question a default mark (required field)
    add category, question name, question text, and default mark

  7. Fill in general question feedback
    general feedback

  8. Select the correct answer (true or false)
    correct answer

  9. Enter feedback for response 'true'
    if true

  10. Enter feedback for response 'false'
    if false
  11. Click Save changes

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